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How to send voice to VKontakte to friends. Description of the program for translating votes

One of the most popular communities issocial network VKontakte". Like many other resources, it has its own internal currency, called voices. Get them with payment terminals, bank cards, any electronic payment system or even a mobile phone is not difficult. But how to send votes to VKontakte to friends is not known to everyone.

Assignment of social network currency

Voice allows you to display the user's pagethe first lines of search among friends or other people. In addition, they are used to increase the rating and pay gifts to relatives and friends. Different applications offer additional options that you can get for voices. The user pays for advertising with the same currency.

How to send voice to VKontakte to friends

how to give voice to a friend

First you need to go to the social networking site,then enter the login and password in the special field. Next, open the "My Settings" section and switch to the last tab "Balance". Instead, you can then simply copy and paste the link previously stored in the bookmarks into the browser line, and then navigate through it. The page with the name "Personal account status" opens, where the user's balance is displayed.

How to give votes to VKontakte to a friend, if the accountno votes? To begin with, you need to buy them using the services offered. Recently, resources have become especially popular, allowing, like the site "Robolayker", to earn e-currency by performing certain actions by the user (joining the group, posting posts, likes, etc.).

how to send voices to friends

How else to get votes for transferring to a friend

If there is no domestic currency on the account, and spendyou do not want real money, you can take part in the actions of the site's partners. The list of paid assignments from companies is in your personal account. To find it, you need to go to the section "My settings", open the "Balance" tab, click the "Get votes" button and in the opened dialog select the item "Special offers". The largest number of units for performing tasks are offered by banks. The second place in the list of leaders belongs to sites with training programs and shops. The smallest number of votes can be obtained by playing games. In addition, there are applications that issue currency for invited friends.

Voice Transfer Dialog Box

how to list the votes of a vkontakte friend

If there is a currency in the account, a participant in the socialnetwork can share it with friends. How to "throw" the VKontakte voice to a friend? First you need to scroll the page to the end. In the lower area, click on the link "Transfer votes to a friend". After that, a separate dialog box appears. The user can specify in the special fields the name of the friend to whom he wants to give the currency, and the number of votes to be transferred. The "Message" column can be filled in or left blank. After that, you must confirm sending the currency to a friend by clicking on the button. The phone number should come with a message with the confirmation code of the operation. This code must be entered in a special translation field. Then click on the "Finish" button. Do not forget that for a day you can list no more than 100 votes. The currency will be transferred to a friend in a few seconds.

How to send "VKontakte" to friends who are not in the contact list

Until 2010, the currency in this social network can bewas to pass on to any person. Currently, there is a certain limitation in the system. This is done to reliably protect people from burglars of user pages and spammers. In the list of recipients you can see only the names of those who are added to the contact list. And if it's clear with how to give voice to VKontakte to a friend, then with the transfer of currency to other users there are problems. How to act in this case?

First you need to go to the social network,using your login and password. Then you should open your personal account: in the "My Settings" section there is a "Balance" tab. We need to go there. If there are funds in the account, the button "Send votes" will be available to the user. Clicking on it, it will see a dialog box.

how to give voice to a friend

Further actions

How to list the votes of "VKontakte" to a friend, namewhich is not in the mailing list? To do this, the user needs to copy the link to this person's page "VKontakte" and insert it into the "Recipient" column. When you fill in the rest of the fields, the system will automatically replace the entered URL with a nickname, and next place a photo.

Then fill in the column "Quantityvotes ", indicating the number of units that the user wants to give as a gift to another person. It is not necessary to fill in the last field. However, if the user wants to do something pleasant to another person or explain the reason for the transfer of votes, he can use the "Message" column.

Protection code

Then you need to click on the confirmation buttonforwarding. To complete the procedure, in a special field you should enter the protection code, which will be sent to the mobile phone number specified during registration in the social network "VKontakte". Confirmation of the operation is designed to protect the user's account from illegal encroachments of other people. In addition, a person has the opportunity to think again and change, for example, the number of votes transferred.

After a few seconds, the internal currency of the site will be forwarded to the recipient, and at the bottom of the page will appear a report on the exact number of votes transferred and the URL of the recipient.

So, from the instruction on how to send votes"VKontakte" friends, in order to make a nice gift to close people, do not need special applications. The built-in site program allows you to send currency directly from the user's page.

Translation Security

how to vote vkontakte a friend

Earlier in the social network "VKontakte" there wasa lot of applications that allow you to send voice to any person. The problem was that user pages were often hacked to illegally get the site's internal currency, so the administration decided to permanently disable the operation of such applications. And different online services can be used for other purposes. Do not forget that the system does not take commission or fee for transferring votes to another user.

Do not use any third-partyprograms and services for the transfer of the local currency of the site, even if they are absolutely free. In order to avoid losing funds, you only need to use the VKontakte system.

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