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Tips for how to update NOD32

The next mandatory action afterreinstalling the OS on the computer should be installing modern anti-virus protection, and then updating it. The latter is also quite important, because the old version never knows about new viruses and threats, since it contains only the old database. Various mutated threats appear every day, and one must be prepared for this. Therefore, of course, the question arises as to how to update NOD32, because this is the most important action with this kind of programs. Antivirus protection NOD32 is paid, and in order to have the most recent signature database, you need to enter a login and password to it. Therefore, for the normal functioning of the system it is necessary to pay for it. But this is not the only way to get updates, and then we will talk about these opportunities.

Update setup

So, to directly enter the necessarywindow you need to select the item "Settings" and then click on the entry "Enter the whole tree of advanced parameters ..." or simply press the F5 key. Next, in order to update the NOD32 antivirus, select the "Update" item in the window that opens. It contains a list of updates server selection, from which the most recent databases will be downloaded. Servers from official sources are considered preferable, for this purpose there is an item "Select automatically". But there is also the ability to add other sources if required by the user, and even specify a directory on the computer. To do this, select the "Edit" button on the right side of the list. This method solves the problem of those who do not know how to update NOD32 without connecting to the Internet. For these purposes, there are a large number of assemblies of actual updates on the Web that can be pre-downloaded. After downloading the required archive, you need to unpack it into any convenient folder, and then specify the path to it in the desired antivirus window. Then you can update in normal mode.

update antivirus eset nod32

It is also possible to take advantage ofadditional settings where update options are set, for example, such as requesting confirmation before downloading components, whether you need to restart the computer after the procedure, setting the size of the update file, where you need to ask the user about the further desire to install it. The last action can be actual when using the Internet is limited by certain traffic, therefore you need to update the ESET NOD32 antivirus in a similar way.

update antivirus nod32

Free update

A special license file must be located in thedirectory License, which is presented in the .lic format. There is information about the name of the owner, the product, the validity period and so on. In the event that the validity period expires, you will need to enter a new top-level login and password, which will extend this period for a new period. To the question "How to update NOD32?" Many people turn to you, and you can find new keys on special websites. Some of them the company can block, the others are quite suitable for use.

You can also download the license file itself, butget it will be much harder. It will be enough to enter the actual logins and passwords. The login format is as follows: EAV-00000000, in which the set of digits changes. The password itself includes 10 letters and digits. Now the user knows how to update NOD32, which in fact does not present special difficulties and veiled problems.

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