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Cheats on "Skyrim 5" for weapons and armor

If you like role-playing games, then you mustyou need to try to play in Skyrim. In fact, at the moment this project is one of the most popular, known and successful in this genre. First of all, gamers are attracted here with a huge freedom of action and movement in a vast open world with a large number of opponents, as well as characters with whom you can communicate, trade, build relationships and so on. What can we say about how many different types of weapons, armor, spells, skills, and so on? To open all available in-game content, you will need several weeks of gameplay. If you do not want to spend that much time, then you have an alternative solution - using cheats. The codes for "Skyrim 5" for weapons are the most common. But in fact you can use the chit to affect almost any element of the gameplay.

Variety of cheats

codes for Skyrim 5 for weapons

What are the codes for "Skyrim 5"? The weapon, as you already understood, is used most often, but there are others - for obtaining various items, such as armor, elixirs, rings, books and so on. Also you can use your cheats to pump your skills, learn spells, increase the characteristics - in general, completely change the power of your character. There are more common cheats, for example, for immortality. You just need to call the game console and register there tgm, and you will immediately become absolutely invulnerable. No less simple is the code that allows you to walk through walls - you just need to write in the tcl console. Using the tmm code, you can open the entire map and the detailed location of all locations. In general, cheats allow you to greatly influence the game, change the impressions that you will receive from it. However, as it was already said, the codes on "Skyrim 5" for weapons are the most popular ones, therefore, further we will talk about them.

Cheats for weapons

codes for skyrim 5 armor

Weapons are something that you can not survive withoutworld of Skyrim. You need to defend yourself from aggressive opponents, kill those who get up on your road and so on. You can get weapons in the game in a variety of ways, but as you understand, the easiest way to do this is using cheats. However, do not think that the codes on "Skyrim 5" for weapons will be as simple as those mentioned above, - everything is much more complicated here. Codes for weapons have their own syntax, which you need to learn as you need before using it. So, the main part of the team is player.additem, but it's not all yet. After this text, you will need to enter the code for the type of weapon or any other item that you want to receive. Next, you will need to specify the number of these items that you want to take possession of. And only after that you can activate the cheat and become the happy owner of the desired weapon. As you can see, the codes on "Skyrim 5" are very useful. Armor, potion and all other items you can get in the same way - first the main team, after it the code of the item itself, and then the quantity.

Item codes

skyrim 5 codes for arrows

Naturally, gamers are interested in exactly howlook for codes on objects, and also where they can be found. For an example of a general type of codes, a glass bow is taken. You enter the main text of the command, and then insert 000139A8 and specify the amount of "1" - in your inventory there is one glass bow that you can use in "Skyrim 5". Codes for arrows you can also use later, if you need them. But where can we find all these combinations? The easiest way is to download the archive, which contains absolutely all the necessary values, which you can then copy and paste into the console when you use this or that cheat to receive the item. There you will find everything you can only wish for, including the codes for the crossbow. "Skyrim 5" gives you a unique opportunity to use a huge amount of various weapons. You will greatly accelerate this process, if you do not disdain cheats.

Codes for selected objects

codes for Skyrim Crossbow 5

So, now you know the codes "Skyrim 5" onarmor, weapons and all other items, but there is a way to make life much easier with the help of another group of cheats. These commands can only be executed on selected objects, so this significantly reduces the functionality of the code, but it makes it much easier to use. With the help of the inv code, for example, you can see the inventory of the character that was previously allocated, and with the help of the kill code, kill it. As you already understood, the codes on "Skyrim 5" immortality can only be given to you, so you can safely use these commands on all creatures in the game.

Cheats for skills enhancement

Cheats Skyrim 5 for Armor

Another very important group of cheats will allow youimprove the skills and characteristics of your hero. The simplest way is to use the PowerMod command, just before it you need to write the name of the skill that you want to increase. For example, if you need an ap for alchemy, then you need to enter the AlchemyPowerMod combination into the console. Naturally, there are other ways that will allow you to change everything that concerns your character, even his height or skin color. But they are much more difficult to enter, so you better limit yourself to basic cheats, which you will be quite enough.


Naturally, you should not think thatuse of cheats will do for you without any consequences. The fact is that cheats are a violation of the rules of the game, and if you bought it through "Steam", then it is pretty clearly stated that using third-party programs or codes is not allowed. In the best case, you simply can not do anything with it, and at worst - your account can be ban.

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