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Point Blank system requirements and overview

Point Blank is a multiplayer shooter gamethe first person who has become quite successful cyber-discipline. The project appeared in 2009 and after a short time it was published in Russia by NCSoft. This article describes the system requirements of Point Blank, as well as the history of the formation of the game as an e-sports discipline.

History of the game

Literally a year after the appearance of the game oncounters were noticed by e-sports fans. Because of the popularity of the shooter recognized as a sport discipline. At the moment, the game has more than 10 thousand teams that compete among themselves at various tournaments. Point Blank is not a super-popular project, so the audience and prize pools are much smaller than in CS. However, this did not prevent the creation of a cohesive and friendly community of the game.

Every year there are world championships and dozenssmaller tournaments. System requirements Point Blank allow you to play on weak computers, which contributes to the influx of new players and attract the attention of different segments of the population.

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The advantages and disadvantages of the game

One of the main advantages of Point Blank isdynamics. No other shooter (except that "Col of Duty") can not be compared with this game on the dynamics. On the map during the battle, there are always some actions, the noise of the automatic machines does not subside for a second, and decisions by the players are taken on the move.

To the pluses, you can also include a variety of modes. For official matches only a few are used, but ordinary players have some fun. Here you will find the usual battle team for the team, defense and capture points, even battles with dinosaurs.

A little spoil the impression of the game the players themselves,which are caught on the servers. Since the system requirements of Point Blank are sufficiently democratic to run the game on computers 6-7 years ago, the audience grows to too large a size. This somewhat hinders the formation of a community in which they understand and know how to play Point Blank.

Also to drawbacks is a largeamount of donate. Things for real money change the appearance of weapons or characters, you can improve the indicators of armor or combat power. Because of this, the balance between teams suffers.

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Point Blank System Requirements

To start the game at low quality youyou need the following configuration: Intel Pentium 4 processor or analog from AMD, 512 MB of RAM and 1 GB on the hard drive for installation. Also for Point Blank, the minimum system requirements imply a stable Internet connection.

For high quality graphics, you need: 2-core processor 3 GHz, 1 GB of RAM and 256 MB on the video card.

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