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Failure "Connection is limited or missing (Windows XP)": how to fix it?

When using the connection of computer systemsto local networks or the Internet on the basis of aging operating systems, as well as other systems, sometimes a message may appear that the connection is limited or absent. We'll take Windows XP as an example and try to consider what this may be related to and how to solve the problem by the simplest methods.

Causes of failure

When troubleshooting this type of problemdifferentiate the types of situations in which they are able to manifest themselves. Below you will find materials on two main areas: home terminals and corporate networks, after all, in the first and second cases the message that the connection is limited or missing (Windows XP) may appear with similar motives.

connection is limited or missing windows xp

The simplest reasons are malfunctions inwork of the provider. There's nothing to be done - we'll have to wait for the elimination of problems on his part. However, as you know, Internet access is a paid service, so if the user or enterprise did not pay in time, a message stating that the connection is limited or missing is provided by Windows XP regularly when you hover the cursor over the network status icon in the system tray notification area .

However, this is only the simplest thing that can be. Most often, such malfunctions occur due to incorrect or misplaced configuration of the connection itself. Let us dwell on several possible options.

Connection is limited or missing: how to fix (Windows XP)?

In simple terms, such failuresare due to the fact that a particular computer terminal, laptop or networked via Wi-Fi devices simply can not get the correct IP address, if it is, it is incorrectly assigned.

connection is limited or missing windows xp wifi

In the simplest case, that for the standardconnection using a network cable, that for a Wi-Fi connection, you first need to check the basic settings. To do this, go to the network and Internet section in the "Control Panel" and find the TCP / IP protocol (in the properties). Now, in the protocol properties, we look at the IP address and the associated parameters. In most cases, you should use automatic address retrieval and reconnect the connection.

If this option is not provided, you need to enterthe correct values ​​of the IP itself, the subnet mask, the gateway, the preferred DNS server, if necessary, specify a proxy server, etc. Most often, a proxy is not required, so one of the reasons when the connection is limited or absent (Windows XP), it may be his involvement. In most cases, disabling the proxy server fixes the problem. As for the values ​​of the parameters, they need to be clarified by the provider.

For complete certainty, you can use the menu"Run", where you first enter the command command, then sequentially register ipconfig / release, and then - ipconfig / renew with the input key after each command.

Connection is limited or missing (Windows XP, WiFi): what to do?

Now look at the Wi-Fi connection. Here, not everything is so simple, although for TCP / IP it is desirable to use automatic retrieval of parameters from a router, say, a router.

connection is limited or missing how to fix windows xp

However, that's not all. To verify that everything is configured correctly, you first need to check the settings of the same router. Please note: the DHCP server must be activated in the LAN section. If for some reason it is not involved, it simply needs to be turned on.

local area network connection is limited or missing windows xp

The same applies to DHCP settings on the system.computer terminal or laptop. To check, use the administration section located in the Control Panel, with the subsequent transition to services. Here we first make sure that DHCP is working, and the start type is set as automatic. If this is not the case, we change the configuration, because if you do not do this, the message that the connection on the local network is limited or absent, Windows XP will issue again and again. Yes, after adjusting the settings, you must reboot the system for the changes to take effect.

Other problems

As for other situations, they do not ariseso often, but still, as they say, there are places to be. For example, one of the most likely reasons for the emergence of situations where a connection is limited or missing (Windows XP) may be an improperly installed encryption system, say WEP instead of WPA / WPA2. Here you can install different types of WPA or disable network protection altogether (use the Disable Security option) on the router itself, after which the router needs to be rebooted.

connection is limited or missing windows xp

Perhaps the reason is not this. There are cases when the provider does not use MAC address filtering, but the service is enabled. On the router on the Wireless tab, check that the Wireless MAC-Filtering line is deactivated (the Disable option).

There are even known cases when the appearance of suchCrashes result in a system conflict with an antivirus or even a third-party firewall. But this phenomenon is very infrequent, so it is not considered for obvious reasons.


It remains to add that of all the abovewe can draw the main conclusion: it is necessary to use the assignment of automatic parameters to computer systems. In most cases, if, of course, this option is provided, this solves the problem in full. In extreme situations, you should check the correctness of the parameters. The DHCP server that is on the router that is on the system is usually enabled by default. In addition, the issues of the operation of the corresponding drivers or the integrity of the connecting cables were not considered here. We believe that this problem is not observed.

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