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"Skyrim": Saartal and passage of the quest in the location

In the game "Skyrim" Saartal is undergrounda city where once lived the ancient elves. Their race has long been destroyed, and in the project this area is given for excavations of the guild of magicians. Users often have a variety of problems when passing tasks, and you need to know the solution of all of them.

Arrival at the location

The beginning of the tasks, which is connected in "Skyrim" Saartal, is a campaign in the College of Winterhold. There will begin learning the main character in the role of a magician and the passage of an additional storyline.

Already after the first lessons with Tolfdir he will sendus for practical training in the desired player location. If you came to the site and found no one there, then do not despair. Non-player characters get here also on foot, because it takes some time.

Go another mission or just wait at the meeting point. The key from the main door is only for the mentor, and you can not get there yourself.

skyrim saartal

The first task

In the game "Skyrim" Saartal is one of thethe largest dungeons, because it is worth preparing for long campaigns under the dark vaults. Initially, Tolfdir will lead the group to the central hall, and then give the main character the next mission. It will need to help Arniel Ghan - archaeologist from the college.

This man will ask you to find some artifactsin the next halls. Once you start to collect them, the trap will close and you will not be able to go back the same way. Near the lattice there will be Tolfdir and tell about the use of the amulet Saartal for highlighting secret moves.

If you put on an ornament and apply anyspell, the path opens. After that, the accessory should not be removed during all missions in this location. This quest is called in "Skyrim" "In the depths of Saartal," and the next stage will be the destruction of the doors in the tomb. There will be a huge passage to that area, the existence of which even the magicians in the collegium did not know.

Tolfdir proposes to go down there with him, and a new phase of the mission begins.

skyrim saartal passage

Vision of the Mage

Explore the "Skyrim" Saartal will have to constantly under the supervision of Tolfdir, so it is desirable to protect this character from death.

Entry to a new location begins with the appearance ofan ancient magician, a member of the mystical order, which is somehow connected with the ruins. He tells the hero that the world is facing a precipice and it is necessary to act, and he is chosen for salvation.

After the conversation, discuss what happened withmentor. He will tell a little information about the mystical order, and the journey will continue. The next obstacle in the way of the hero will be a combination lock. His solution is on the stones built into the wall of the crypt. Set the desired combination and go on.

On the way to the next checkpointThe user will have to fight with the draugrams and avoid traps on the ground. It is worthwhile to look carefully at your feet, so that in the fight do not get extra damage. In this case, it is better to have at hand the potions or the pumped-up magic of recovery.

key from saartal skyrim

Meeting with a strong enemy

A further obstacle is the new codeCastle. This riddle players are compared in complexity with how to get the key from Saartal. "Skyrim" is not distinguished by a huge number of puzzles, but in the dungeons they sometimes meet. The clue is again on wall murals in the form of special drawings.

After entering the door in front of the players stands a powerfuldraugr named Yurik Goldurson. If you try to beat him, the user will notice that he does not deal damage. Better not to do it, but just to distract him, as long as Tolfdir decides the riddle of his strength.

Then you have to distract him for a few more minutes, after which the mentor will remove the guard from the opponent, and you can easily start a real fight.

skyrim in the depths of saartal

Battle and mission completion

The fight with Eurek Goldurson is the most difficult stage of the assignment, before which he will put users in the "Skyrim" Saartal.

The passage of the battle goes according to the scenario, depending on theclass character skills. Here the main thing is not to attack the enemy with spells of the type that the draugr is shining at a certain moment (if sparks are depicted, it is better to beat them with ice).

The most effective against him will be the neighborthe battle. A few accurate blows, and the enemy will be defeated. Prizes for the victory will be "Staff of Eureka Goldurson" and items for the next assignment "Forbidden Legend", which will also lead the player to Saartal.

It is definitely worth picking up these items and onlyafter that, speak with Telfdir. The mentor will send the hero to talk to the archmage. The road to the outside will be short, and you can return to Winterhold by quickly returning to the global map between the open points.

skyrim saartal where the key is

Known Issues

The first question that posesusers in "Skyrim" Saartal: "Where is the key from the entrance to the building?" The essence of this problem is that users who opened a location previously move there instantly, and Tolfdir goes with the group on foot. The key is only with him, and the only way out of the situation will be a simple expectation of the mentor at the site of the excavations.

Further complications arise at the stage of the firstpuzzle, which is also equipped with a trap. The right combination will first put the bird with the fish, in the second cell - the snake and the bird. The last window should be a fish and a bird.

The second puzzle has a similar solution scheme, but has four cells, and the animals are placed one by one. The correct combination will be a snake, a fish, a bird and the last fish again.

These are the only three obstacles that can prevent a quick task. Do not forget to save often, and then there will be no problems with replaying the moments.

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