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A computer virus is a problem for many users

Almost every person nowadays works withcomputers. Mass application of this technique, unfortunately, led to the emergence of pest programs that hamper the work of the PC. They are capable of destroying the file structure of disks, they can damage any information that people store on their laptops and tablets.

What is a virus on a computer?

A computer virus is a specially designedA program that can make its own copies and runs them into system resources. The user notices this when the work of his technique is disrupted, some applications are not started, the computer ceases to work. The world of these malicious programs has not yet been studied. New and more advanced pests are constantly appearing. Even experienced sysadmins often do not know how they spread and what they are. Antivirus programs try to fight them, they are also constantly improving. Every new virus is a new job for those programmers who help protect our computers.

Authors of computer viruses

Who writes such malicious applications, why does he / they spoil the lives of many people and entire companies? These "writers" are divided into several groups:

- Programmers-beginners, who only learn the wayprogramming. For one of them to make your computer virus - this is an occasion to declare yourself, to become famous. As a rule, this is petty hooliganism. Typically, students and students write fairly simple viruses, which are easily intercepted by anti-virus programs.

- People involved in security, in order to check the weaknesses of protective programs.

- Public services, for example, the FSB, the army and other law enforcement agencies.

- Thieves and scammers. They want to earn money that way, blocking access to programs for users, then they are asked to send a message to a certain number to return it. Steal passwords for free Internet access. Be cautious, sometimes it's enough just to leave the page of the scam site, do not send SMS anywhere in such cases.

- Scammers on a large scale. For them, a virus is a way of stealing personal information about people. You can steal passport data, credit card numbers. They can be interested in any codes of access to electronic money.

"The most dangerous are single wolves who were offended by the whole world. Their goal is to infect as many devices as possible to harm. It is difficult to understand their behavior.

Similarity of computer virus with biological

Pest program by stages of existencecan be compared with the usual biological virus. In the latent phase, it does not yet work. The incubation period occurs when the virus begins to make copies and incorporate them into the environment. After that, it goes into the active phase, multiplies and manifests itself. Like a normal virus, the pest program spreads quickly, it can even not cause any inconvenience to anybody for a while, and then it starts to act. It is difficult to kill this hearth, it's better to check your computer for viruses on time.

The virus is
Ways of protection

To protect your equipment from unwanted intrusion:

- Use only the official (licensed) antivirus program.

- Check if there are any viruses in the program before you run it.

- Avoid sites that have a bad reputation.

Symptoms of infection

Let us consider the most characteristic features:

- Strange messages or images on the screen.

Check for viruses
- Unpleasant letters from an anonymous sender.

- Arbitrary sounds that the computer emits.

"Messages are sent from you, and you do not know about it."

- Unexpected computer hangs.

- There is an arbitrary start of programs.

- Frequent failures when working with applications.

- Long boot of the operating system.

- The appearance in the computer of new files created not by you.

- Loud hard drive.

Program virus
- The Internet browser lives its own life, it changes the start pages.

- Files are lost or corrupted.

As you can see, the virus program can manifest itself in different ways.

What actions to take?

1. If you find a computer virus, do not try to look for the executable file, since this can only spread the malicious code.

2. Turn off the Internet.

3. Remove all the drives that were connected, they will have to be scanned later to make sure they are not infected.

4. Disable active applications.

5. From another PC you need to download the latest antivirus program.

It is important to do a full scan of your computer,then restart it. If you can not eliminate the problem, then contact the professionals for further diagnosis! Remember that the prevention of any virus is better than its treatment!

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