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Intel Celeron J1800 processor: an overview, features and reviews.

Dual-core Intel Celeron J1800 processorthe characteristics is as follows: the L1 cache is 112 KB, the frequency is 2.41 GHz, and the heat package is rated at 10 watts. The process parameter of this model is 22 nm. The codename of the represented configuration is Bay Trail-D. The integrated graphics are 792 MHz. Announced this processor was 01/11/2013.

What functions are there?

Intellectual memory, this CPU has enougha lot of. Due to this problem with the performance of the specified model is not observed, so Intel Celeron J1800 reviews from the buyers are good. The architecture in this case is used by the PP. For compatibility of cores, it fits well.

intel celeron j1800

If we believe the experts' feedback, then the data exchangeis carried out quickly. It is also important to mention the availability of cache memory. If you believe the opinion of experts, the subsystem of the IM-bus clock frequency has a level of 5 MHz. The system CB is responsible for the exchange of information with the controller. Direct connection to the device occurs through a point that is assigned to the CPU. All information is processed on the motherboard. The basic commands for these CPUs are provided. The interface for adjusting the parameters of the controller is used by QuickKpat.

CPU Performance

Processor Intel Celeron J1800 (2.41 GHz)simultaneously it is capable to give no more than four streams. To perform basic tasks in the system, a set of instructions is provided. The "Turbo" function in the central processor is supported. The speed of the computational cycles can be adjusted, if necessary. In this case, the design frequency is set via the TRT system. The basic thermal power is 84 Watts. In conditions of congestion of all kernels, the "Turbo" function is activated by default.

intel celeron j1800 processor

Memory Module Specifications

The maximum amount of single-channel memory is 32GB. Direct expansion of the DDR system is supported. The clock frequency in this case is at 2.2 GHz. Dual-channel CPU memory is supported at high speed. Maximum system is capable of processing two channels. Flex-memory of the central processor can be read.

It is also important to note that reading dataoccurs quite quickly due to the high bandwidth parameter. If you believe the opinion of experts, then working with applications is quite comfortable. The speed of data storage is affected by the EU system. In this case, it is provided with an error correction code. The maximum throughput of the system reaches 25.2 Gb per second. To save data, this indicator is extremely important.

intel celeron j1800 specs

Graphics subsystem specifications

Built-in graphics subsystem of the processorIntel Celeron Dual Core J1800 is provided with a frequency of 792 MHz. In this case, rendering is quite high. The HC-graphics system is supported. The "Dynamics" function provides reliable interaction between the CPU and the connected devices. Graphic subsystem at 1.2 MHz for the model is provided. To increase the availability of memory, it fits perfectly. Also, this subsystem allows you to define various interfaces. The screen resolution is maintained at the maximum. The graphic subsystem at 14 MHz is not available to this CPU. In this case, the maximum resolution is 4096 x 2304 pixels. The clock frequency is 23 Hz.

The presence of DirectX

Making an Intel Celeron J1800 review, it's importantmention the Direct system. In this case, it is supported by the 11.1 series. All the basic instructions of the application software in the "Directive" are laid. If you believe the feedback of specialists, then it is ideal for processing multimedia files. Also the "Direct" system is indispensable in the calculation of complex computing tasks. To work with the language "Liberi" there is "Open Graph". The presented technology is also designed to solve problems in the field of application platforms. With the programming interface, it is able to interact. To display 2D graphics technology is involved.

Another "Open Graph" allows to solve a number of issues,connected with the support of cross-platform systems. However, vector graphics are not reproduced using it. For this, there is a "Quick Video" system. Also, this technology is designed to improve the quality of file conversion. However, it does not affect the placement of data on the Web. She's also not involved in video editing. However, in the creation of new multimedia projects, it takes an active part.

intel celeron dual core j1800

Technologies for video

The "Intra" technology in this central processorIntel Celeron J1800 (2.41 GHz) is available, and this is good news. If you believe the opinion of experts, it is very helpful in working with stereoscopic data. Also, the system allows creating new video files of various extensions without problems. However, the system supports only 1080p. The "Intra" technology does not take part in improving the sound quality. For this purpose, a new program is provided - "Insider".

It works with HD data. Sending various content with it is quite easy. In this case, the interaction with the ultrabook is provided with good. Even this CPU has the technology "Vireles", which is responsible for wireless communications. It is used primarily for the transfer of photographs. At the same time, films can also be sent using it. However, in the transfer of websites it does not participate.

The interface is used by Flex, whichtoday it is considered to be innovative. First of all, this is due to the fact that it allows you to work with independent images. Also the "Flex" interface is able to provide information on two channels. If you believe the feedback of experts, the graphics system in this case is used in full.

intel celeron j1800 2 41 GHz

"Clear" system

First of all, the Clear system is aimed atimprovement of image quality. Video files can not be transmitted with it. It is also important to note that it is not able to work on the MS platform. In the coding video system "Clear" plays not the last role. She also takes part in data processing. The integrated graphic subsystem "Clear" uses the full program. Directly the graphics with its help become more clear and bright. In this case, realism in the images is also felt.

Advanced Technologies

Available in the Intel Celeron J1800 processortechnologies help solve a variety of tasks. If we talk about reducing the power consumption of the device, it is important to mention the "Turbo Bust" system. In this processor, it has a series of 2.0. If you believe the experts' opinion, then it is ideal for overclocking the CPU. Also, "Trubo Bust" is designed to increase the frequency parameter of the processor. In this case, both the nominal and the maximum values ​​of the system increase. The program does not increase the temperature of the processor.

In order to ensure the safety of worktechnology "Pro" is provided. It represents a large set of tools. They are called to protect absolutely all the information contained on the software. Thus, the user is able to manage threats. In particular, dot security is provided for websites. In addition, the technology "Pro" is designed to protect the user's personal information.

Technology "Hyper"

In the Intel Celeron J1800 processor is veryA useful technology called "Hyper". With its help, the system is able to quickly process more than two threads at a time. In this case, all CPU cores are used. Work on the encoding of data is greatly accelerated. However, it absolutely does not affect the power consumption of the system.

Separate attention from the CPUIntel Celeron J1800 deserves a TX system, which is aimed at supporting virtualization. More specifically, it is responsible for receiving and displaying data. The "Itanium" function is supported by the processor. However, data entry is carried out only on the basis of the A-32 architecture. To increase the safety of the system, this technology can be applied. It also affects the performance of devices that run in a virtual environment.

intel celeron j1800 reviews

Tables System

Separate attention in the processor Intel CeleronJ1800 deserves the "Tables" system. Also, some people know it as the "Second Address" technology. Its essence is to accelerate the work of applications. In this case, we are talking only about virtualized programs. Directly the memory of the system is fully utilized. As a result, the security of the device increases quite strongly. Another advantage of "Second Address" is considered to be a reduction in energy consumption.

What options are there?

With the extensions of a personal computer runningSpecial edition, which is called "Express." With a serial bus, it can interact. It is also important to note that "Express" allows to solve a lot of problems connected with the connection of hardware devices. The editorial board has various configurations. They represent a set of channels. Some of them are designed to improve the quality of data transfer. The rest are exclusively for signaling. If we consider the revision of 1.16, then it plays an important role in receiving data. The base module is not used by the processor.

intel celeron j1800 2 41

Customer Reviews

Processor Intel Celeron J1800 reviews fromconsumers deserves good. Modern games, this model can easily "pull" on the average settings. In this case, the smoothing parameter can be safely set to the maximum.

If we talk about the game "Typhus" in 2015, thenmedium settings it produces approximately 32 frames per second. For a comfortable gameplay this is quite enough. However, it should be taken into account that this CPU was tested at a screen resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels.

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