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How to make cookies in "Maincrafter": instruction

Cooking in the "Maincrafter" plays quite a weightyrole in the development and survival of the character. This is due to the fact that the need to quench hunger - one of the main tasks facing the player, going on a long journey or deep underground. Now we'll look at how to make cookies in Mayncrack, and what is their difference from other food that you could cook.

how to make cookies in mayncrate


How can logic dictate to those who are in thereality at least once engaged in cooking, the first and main ingredient for making cookies is flour. Unfortunately, the creators of the game missed this wonderful stage of the product's existence, so we will need the raw material. Correctly. This is wheat. For the production of eight pieces of liver we need only two heaps of hay. Thus, we go to dig the grass and look for grains, and then arrange a bed near the house. When the millet ripens, do not forget to plant a new one, and the remainders can be used in cooking.

How to make cookies in "Maynkraft"? It will take a second ingredient. It is not difficult to guess that if you cook cookies, you will need cocoa. In the game, this object is replaced by cocoa beans. You can find them only in the jungle, which can be a problem for you, because this biome spawns quite rarely.


The process of cooking is notvery good, so make sure you have a workbench. Yes, you do not have to make any boilers and frying pans, and baking of pecans will take place on a workbench, not in a stove. So how to cook cookies in Meincraft, if you have already collected everything you need?

how to craft cookies in maynkraft

Open the workbench interface. How to make cookies in "Maincrafter"? Put the ingredients in the center line in the following order: wheat, cocoa beans, wheat. As you can see, the result of crafting will be 8 pechenok.


In addition, to just find the answer to the question: "How to make cookies in" Mayncraft "?", It is also necessary to understand why you need it. For example, you can buy cookies from villagers. This is much easier than looking for cocoa beans in the jungle. However, the villages spawn much less frequently than the same forests, so the choice is yours.

To all other things, the question is: "How to make cookies in" Maincraft "?" - is irrelevant also because the cookie quenches only one unit of hunger. As you know, this is very little, and it is much easier to bring along fruit or a pack of dried meat. This will give you a much greater opportunity to live without a home.

how to make cookies in maynkraft

Other recipes

If you still figured out how to do itcookies in "Maynkraft", then we should think about where to apply them. In the original game of ways to make something with cookies is not so much, but when installing CookieMod opens a wide range of cookie use in cooking.

  • You can make chocolate biscuits, adding even more cocoa to it.
  • Or, for example, a cookie with powdered sugar, as you might guess, is obtained by adding sugar to the cookie.
  • If you put a few dyes in the cookie, you will get a product with a colored dragee.

This is an incomplete list of changes and recipes that will bring the game to the game for cooking. Therefore, if you are interested in the process of cooking, boldly install it on top of "Meincraft".

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