/ Spotlight Room Escape. Passage of the first level

Spotlight Room Escape. Passage of the first level

Spotlight Room Escape is very interestinga puzzle game that challenges smartness and makes you "wiggle your brains". You have to solve many interesting puzzles and solve many difficult problems.

Spotlight room escape

You wake up in an incomprehensible room ...

The main character wakes up in a mysterious place, hedoes not understand how he turned out to be here and very much wants to get out. Will you be able to help the poor fellow and escape from the mysterious imprisonment? In the passage of the Spotlight Room Escape, our instructions will help us, which we will introduce later.

The atmosphere of the game is really scary: isolation, boarded up windows, mess and chaos, and suspicious red spots all over the walls. The more you plunge into the passage of the Spotlight Room Escape, the more you realize that getting out will not be so easy.

We have prepared several tips for one of thelevels Spotlight Room Escape, but we strongly advise you to try to solve several problems yourself, and only then to resort to the help of our guide.

Passage Spotlight Room Escape - level 1

Two more rooms are locked, and you need to get tothem access. Find the white box inside which there are several keys. Take them and try on locks - sooner or later you will pick up the right key and open the room at number 808. Inside the room is the battery to the screwdriver and a few tips. Go to the bookshelf, which serves as a mechanism. Try to move several books, and you will notice how a small niche will open. There you will find a magnetic card that opens a new door to the operating room.

Spotlight room escape Passage level

Inside the operating room, severaltasks and one mathematical equation, as a result of which you will be given a key, a strange pen and another card with a magnetic chip. Try to put the handle to the bedside table in the hallway and find out what will happen next ...

Passage of the Spotlight Room Escape does not take much time, and each puzzle is designed to make the player enjoy, not a headache in the solution process.

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