/ Which processor is better: AMD or Intel with x86 architecture

Which processor is better: AMD or Intel with x86 architecture

To date, it still remains relevantThe question is relative to which processor is better than AMD or Intel. 20 years ago, a lot of companies were involved in the production of x86-based processors. But the high competition led to the fact that in the computer systems market there were only 2 players who offer the most balanced solutions for users.

Which processor is better than AMD or Intel?
Indirectly answering the question of which processorbetter: AMD or Intel, the situation in the market can serve. And it is now such that a significant advantage is in favor of the latter company. And it takes about 80-83 percent. But not all so bad at Analog Micro Device. So, about everything in order.

Intel now actively sells three sockets. Two of them are working systems. This includes office PCs, gamers' system players, and multimedia stations. For these purposes, 1155 and 1150 sockets are used. The difference between them on the processor part is quite insignificant. The main difference is the graphics cores, which in the second systems are more productive. In turn, the first version has cheaper processors and motherboards. Therefore, they can be assembled quite a productive PC at a quite democratic price. The third version of the computer system from this North American manufacturer is 2011. Such processors are best suited for high-performance PCs or servers. Among the main advantages of this manufacturer's products are high productivity and energy efficiency. But it is difficult to make a choice which processor is better - AMD or Intel, because the cost of such a product is much higher than that of its competitor.

The best AMD processor.
Now go to the production of the main opponent. He currently has only two main connectors on the market - AM3 + and FM2. Each of them has its own sphere of application, for use in which it is designed. The first of these is the logical development of the previously existing AM2, AM2 + and AM3. With the latter it is compatible both constructively and electrically. Therefore, CPUs that are suitable for AM3 can be installed in motherboards with the latest connector. The best AMD processor is installed in this socket. The company positions itself as the most productive to date CPU of the FX-8350. Such a labeling means the following:

  1. 8 - number of nuclei on the crystal;

  2. 3 - generation of architecture (in fact, the second - after the "Bulldozer") - "Vishera";

  3. 50 - modification of the processor.

AMD processor.
In the second socket, the most productive CPUs -this is the A10 series. The difference between the offers of this company is that in the second case AMD processor comes with an integrated and very productive video, which is 10 times better than the competitor. The main advantage of Analog Micro Device products is an excellent price-performance ratio, and this company is beyond competition.

If you need uncompromising performance,which is enough for one year, then it's worth paying attention to Intel products and its socket 2011. For the home-made PC, the FX-8350 is the best choice. For an entry-level PC, you can recommend the A10 series from AMD. That's it, the answer to the question: "Which processor is better: AMD or Intel?" Depending on the category to which your electronic tool relates, it is worth making a choice.

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