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Soxange website: reviews and withdrawals

Earnings on the Internet are devoted to a lot of articles both purely theoretical and based on practice. Some of them are of an advertising nature, others are "success stories" of its kind.

Today's article will also be related to the topicearnings. However, it will carry, rather, a warning character. In it, we'll tell you about one site that supposedly helps to earn big money each by copying the operations of successful traders. On the site in beautiful colors all the details of how you can earn whole fortunes, anything without doing this, are painted.

Soxange reviews

We will review this project, study the reviews about it, and draw our conclusions.

"Social Trading"

Such a concept as "social trading"suggest the developers of the site in question. This is a system expressed in the form of a social network, in which successful traders take part, never losing money, and simple participants who want to earn money. This they allegedly do, imitating "successful." Those, in turn, simply work in the usual mode, apparently not pursuing any of their interests. Such a device of the project is drawn to us by the site, which we analyze - Soxange.com. Feedback from users is divided. Part of them - those that are located on the portal itself, - indicates: the system works excellently, allowing you to earn good money. The other part - people who write on third-party resources - is betting on doubts about the transparency and reality of this kind of earnings.

Soxange com reviews

Soxange Project Network

In general, sites acting on the same domain,located in different zones, a few. Therefore, in order to simplify the mention of it in the framework of this article, we will call the resource simply Soxange. The testimonies indicate that both Soxange.ru and Soxange.com are identical. The only difference is in the zone.

The design of the project and the description posted on the site,are identical. Everywhere we are trying to convince ourselves that by joining the community, we will be able to become fabulously rich without much effort. You just need to replenish your account for a certain amount, choose the same "successful" trader that we would like to emulate, and watch how the amount on our balance grows. Amazing things, is not it?

Recommendations of people who call the projectsuccessful and really worthwhile attention, they say that you do not need anything to make profit - everything will be done for you automatically. It seems that before us is a real "golden vein", and not just a website http://Soxange.ru. Reviews of skeptics are a confirmation: it can not all be so simple and easy.

Soxange ru reviews

Basis of earning in the project

To understand where the project organizers come fromare going to receive funds, and where, according to their statements, they should take the participants - pay attention to the theoretical materials on the site.

It can be seen that all the profits will be received,thanks to successful transactions of traders, whose actions we are going to copy. But how - the question arises - can we be sure of the actions of the trader, who is imitated?

Partially the answer to this question is given by statisticstrade, it can be seen in each of the traders who participate in the project. It looks pretty successful: everyone shows a profit of 200-300 percent, which makes the offer to follow their actions quite attractive. But at the same time, this same statistics raises doubts about the transparency and plausibility of the project, in the fact that these graphs are actually trade, and not just pictures drawn in the editor.

http Soxange com reviews

What is required of the participant?

The whole scheme of earnings on Soxange, reviews of whichwe will publish a little further, based on "tracking". Understanding what it is, you can understand the whole essence of this "earnings". It is about investing in the project and further expecting them to multiply. The participant should simply give the project his money and choose the one whose trading strategy is going to be inherited. Everything else is done by the system.

As for the minimum amount of the deposit, itis equal to 250 dollars. However, on the official website of this information could not be found (as well as other details about how the funds are credited). We managed to find this information by reading about Soxange feedback from people who have already invested in the project.

Soxange reviews

What do they promise?

With promises, the project organizers clearlytried. Thanks to video, various graphics and beautiful pictures, it becomes clear that we are offered stable and high income, a lot of money and the opportunity not to participate in the project, that is not to work. This, in principle, can be found in any other similar system.

Attention deserves another tool, with the help ofwhich organizers attract users. This is a demo account, which is open to everyone. On it immediately after registration, the user will have 500 "test" dollars for test trading.

What's most interesting - all reviews about the site Soxangetestify: the deposit sum on a demo promptly increases already for some days. With a $ 500 balance increases to 30-40 thousand dollars, encouraging the owner of the account and forcing him to think about making real money. Indeed, the administration resorted to a very subtle psychological trick, showing how you can earn here on a virtual demo account.

Reviews on the site

If you read the recommendations of the participants in the system,which are left on the main page of the site, you can see how money is made easy and simple. People thank the owners of the resource, are glad that they managed to find this project and just leave the most positive feedback about the Soxange program.

Negative or neutral reviews herealmost no - just a praise and thanks to the founders of the project. At the bottom of the page there is a special form for adding a comment, to which everyone can enter any information, and it will be immediately published on the site. This creates a visibility of the transparency of the system. It would seem that if you leave the reviews on the Soxange.ru website, everyone, then those opinions that are published above are the real thoughts of people, and not the custom text. But do not flatter yourself. It's enough to go to the site from another browser - and you'll see that your comment is not visible. "Published" it exclusively for you through temporary cookies.

http Soxange ru reviews

Reviews on the Web

Another thing - it's about the Soxange project reviews,placed on third-party Internet resources. Hosted on forums, feedback services and blogs, the opinions of falsifying are much more difficult - this will require a large amount of resources. Therefore, for us such reviews are more valuable, since they are more believable.

Analyzing them, you can see: all people note that on the demo account their balance has skyrocketed. At the same time, most people are afraid to start their own personal accounts in order to start trading. Those who made replenishment of the account with this $ 250 call the project a scam and complain about the lost funds.

All as one claim: on a real account, their deposit quickly "merged", because of what in a couple of days the balance was $ 0.

How to withdraw funds?

Well, one more important point, which I wanted topay attention is the lack of information on the withdrawal of funds from the Soxange project. How to withdraw money from here - no one knows, and information on the Internet and among the reviews that someone has at least once succeeded, also not. Conclusion on this subject can be done only one: the resource is an outspoken lohotron, and to deal with it is not worth it. Read more in our conclusions.


After analyzing the Soxange.com reviews, you can make a fairly logical and simple conclusion. The project is fraudulent, and it can be seen on several grounds at once. First, it's feedback. If there were real opinions of people on the main page of the site, they would coincide with the fact that the resource is written on other portals. However, we see a clear difference. Secondly, the information on the site itself is not complete enough to start working with it. In particular, this applies both to the ways of replenishment, guarantees, and the department of the most frequently asked questions about the system; and contact information about who is behind this project, how they can be contacted and so on. The addresses in Cyprus, which can be found on the pages of the site at the moment, are simply copied information about the location of another company. Thirdly, you do not need to trust the project because of the idea of ​​earning money. Copying trading strategies is not a panacea and can not provide a permanent income. The idea of ​​"copying strategy and earning an income automatically" is just a beautiful story promoted by Soxange. How to earn tens of thousands of dollars, you in practice no one will simply not tell.

Soxange how to make money

Why is not it so simple?

In fact, the idea of ​​copying a strategyexist. There is even a large service that really allows you to follow successful currency traders. However, you do not need to think that if you fill 100 dollars and forget about them, you will see 10 thousand on the balance in a month. This does not happen.

Traders, too, sometimes, are mistaken, and they havenegative indicators. The only difference is that having a balance of 10 thousand dollars, the loss of 3 thousand is small on the scale of the whole account. If the person who follows him has a thousand on the balance sheet as a whole - then for him it will mean a full "discharge" of the deposit. Therefore, if someone says that they can earn 30, 40 or 50 thousand dollars on Soxange.com - this person's reviews are likely to be just a custom-made material.

How can I earn money?

No, do not give up on the market"Forex" is final. For many, this is a really good source of income. Only the approach should be completely different, and not just replenishment of the account at http://Soxange.com. Reviews of real traders and investors show that you can earn money from Forex trading by yourself, if you understand the currency market and know how to predict the movement of the rates. Another example is investing. If you are willing to risk your savings in order to monitor revenue growth and not do anything at all, you can do it.

How is it profitable to invest money?

Ways to make money on investments with Forexenough. For example, you can invest in PAMM-accounts, transferring your funds to traders so that they will benefit from them. You can also, for example, practice trust management, cooperating with investment funds.

However, for all these techniques you will need a substantial amount of money. Well, you need to forget about Soxange.


And in general, for the future I would like to give a smallwarning our readers: be careful. Today there are more and more sophisticated and intricate schemes for luring money from gullible users. Most of them are clearly operating in the sphere of earnings and investments. Therefore, when you come across another Soxange.ru, reviews should be the first, what you should pay your attention to. The second is the sense of earnings, what they want and offer from you; well, then you can pay attention to other conditions and requirements that the project puts forward for its participants.

And do not forget about the truth, interpreting where there is free cheese.

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