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"GTA San Andreas": how to get a girl without missions

Today we will talk with you about the GTA San Andreas. How to get a girl in this game? What are they needed for? What to do with them? In addition, we will also have to talk with you and how to do it to make a good date.

Finish the game

So, let's first of all think with you about the question: "When playing at GTA San Andreas, how to get a girl?" The first thing that can only come to our mind is the passage of the game itself.

gta san andreas how to have a girlfriend

The whole point is that when "traveling" toTo the criminal world you will be given special missions and tasks. In the course of their implementation, you will come across two variants of "gerlfrend". The remaining 4 girls calmly walk around the city, they must be sought. True, it is easy to do this - a blue arrow will appear over Madame's head. So this is the first sign that you can try to "roll up" to the beauty.

The question of "GTA San Andreas": "How to get a girl without mods?", Should not bother you. After all, as you pass, as already said, you will start to encounter beauties who can be "locked up". To get acquainted, you will have to perform a special task. What kind? This is known only by each lady individually. It can be a collection of excess weight, its set, change of style and so on. Only then it will be possible to hold a meeting and receive "Bonuses".


Well, if you are thinking about the question: "GTA San Andreas" - how to get a girl without missions? ", Then you can take advantage of a rather interesting option - downloading from the Internet of so-called saves. That is, the saved data about the game, where you have already passed all the tasks relating to the lovely ladies.

gta san andreas how to get a girl without missions

This is a pretty tricky and popular development optionevents. So you do not have to think about the topic: "In GTA San Andreas" how to get a girl? ". True, all your personal achievements will be erased when downloading the downloaded save. Not the best option, especially if you value your data. So, it is necessary either to fulfill the tasks of lovely ladies, or to be cunning. First, let's try the second way with you.


So, let's start with you to try our tricks forto sort out the question: "We play in GTA San Andreas" - how to get a girl? " The code will help us in this. In general, you can use several methods, but we will choose the simplest with you.

The first cheat that can be used isBEKKNQV. The so-called "magnet" for girls. With his help, you can pass the passage of missions called "The key to her heart." You can easily get acquainted with any "baby" and "zakadrit" it. Nothing complicated. You can calmly go on a date. True, do not overestimate your strength - if you are only trying to meet with one milady, then all six at once it is better not to disturb - you can not rupture, and you will have to visit each one.

gta san andreas how to get the girl code
Another option to answer the question about whether in the "GTASan Andreas "as a girl, this is the use of the reader, which looks like this: EHIBXQS.This is the maximum attraction for the fair sex .This reminds us of the previous code.) Easy to get acquainted, Madame immediately suits everything. However, for the time being, after you managed to win the heart of a beauty, you'll have to go to see her, depending on the outcome, you will either get bonuses, or stay "at the broken trough." Let's now learn how to handle the damo chkami.

Method of behavior

Well, now that we already know the answer to the questionabout if you play in GTA San Andreas, how to get a girl, let's try to please the lovely ladies on a date. After all, your relationship will depend on it. And, of course, a reward for achievements.

In general, you can reduce the dating algorithm to a certainsequence. After you have visited your next "baby", you will have to take her to a restaurant or bar. To the place where she loves. If you do not guess, you'll run into a hysterics.

The second stage is dancing. Take the girl to the nightclub and dance with her. True, it will require a pretty strong skill from you - at least 3,000 points will have to be collected. And each time this figure will increase.

Next - the time of romance. More precisely, night trips. Go with a nice lady in the city. Only for her favorite places, otherwise the pokatushka will end not very pleasantly. Among other things, you will also have to look closely at the mood of the young lady - she can scream that you are going too slowly or quickly. Now the questions: "GTA San Andreas": How to get a girl? How to pass a date? ", Should leave you behind. But do not rush to rejoice. Each girlfriend has his own tastes and preferences. Let's see who and how to please. However, we will consider only a few options. The most simple. Above all, it's best not to rack your brains, but to use cheats.

gta san andreas how to get a girl without mods

Denis Robinson

The first girl you can start withthe relationship is Denis. With her to build meetings and get acquainted will be easy. She lives near your home, she does not care about your appearance, and she will not bother you with calls (and, incidentally, they should not be missed). Far from home, Denis should not be taken away. You can meet her at home from midnight to 6 am, as well as from 16:00 to 00:00.

For dinner, this lady can be taken to a bar nearyour houses or in a snack bar. In addition, if you fell "dancing", then you will have only one option - this is the only club in the area. Concerning the trips, it can only be said that Denis is not particularly capricious - she loves places near her house, and there are not too slow speeds for her. In this way, you can just circle along the roads until the satisfaction indicator is full.

True, there is a small surprise here. During the interview, a girl can ask you for an armed attack. Allow her to shoot at people (for example, during the trip), and the meeting will end with success. After the level of relations reaches 50%, you can drive her car, and after 100% get a light blue suit.


The second madam is Helena. She's a lawyer. He adores weapons and the countryside. In order for the meetings to be successful, it is best to choose a helicopter - the girl lives far away from her favorite places.

gta san andreas how to get a girl how to go

Dinners are better to arrange in restaurants. Get on the helicopter and quickly get to the nearest. Dancing, however, with the girl will be more difficult - the clubs are far away. Nevertheless, it is possible. If you can do it, you can be proud of yourself.

But Helena loves walking near the house. Travel speed should be low. Just circling the fields until she calms down. Sooner or later the girl will invite you for a cup of coffee. As a bonus, you will get access to the girl's farm, as well as to her arms.

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