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How to remove a region in Minecraft

If you decide to play "Maincraft" on the network, thenyou will surely see the so-called regions - areas of the world that are controlled by certain players. These sites are an important part of the game, so without certain knowledge you will have to tight. There are specific restrictions that apply only on the site, so it is important to know certain details about how to "zaprivate" the territory, what it gives, and how to delete a region if you do not need it anymore.

What is a "moored" region

how to delete a region

Traveling around the world "Maincraft" on somenetwork server, you, most likely, more than once stumble into certain territories, marked by nicknames of other players. These are the so-called private regions, which players take away for their own use. This function is extremely useful, because with its help you can establish the boundaries of your possessions. Within these boundaries, no one except you can put blocks, and also destroy them. That is, you can freely construct designs without worrying about the threat of griefers - they do not know how to delete a region belonging to a specific player. Only you can do it. But before you learn about how to remove a region in the Maincrafter, you should learn how to "privatize" it. After all, if you do not have a "jailed" territory, then there will be nothing to "rassprivatit".

Private territories

how to remove region in minecraft

So, as we said before removingregion, it must first be "privatit." To do this, you need a wooden ax, and in the presence of certain modifications you can cope without it. You only need to register the necessary command in the console, then mark two points that will be in two opposite corners of the parallelogram, inside of which your territory will be. After that, you should give a name to your region and assign yourself to it as the sole owner. Naturally, you will have the opportunity to add other players to your territory if you wish, but if you are not familiar with anyone on the server, it is not recommended.

This, perhaps, is all in the question of how to establish a specific territory. But we are talking about the removal of the region. Therefore, it's time to understand why you need to know how to delete a region in Minecraft.

Limitation by number

how to delete an old region

It would seem that everyone can "lock in" himselfa certain territory and live happily. But in fact it is not, and sometimes there is a need to remove a particular region. Most often, the reason for this is the exhausted limit of sites that are relying on each player. On different servers it is different - some admins can allow "privatize" only one site, others will allow you to take control of three and so on. And when you already own the maximum number of pieces of the world "Maincrafter", but you feel the need for one more, the question arises: "What should I do?" And then you will need knowledge of how to delete a region in Minecraft. However, this is not the only reason.

The reasons for the "rasprivata" territory

As already mentioned above, it is the need"seize" the new territory while the limit has already been exhausted, and is the main reason for removing the regions in the "Maincrafter". But it can also happen for internal reasons, that is, already a "locked-in" region may cease to interest the player - perhaps there are no resources for which this site was valuable, or it was fully developed in a creative way. In any case, it is not necessary to reach a limit to remove private territories. Also, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of a mistake - the privatization system in "Maincrafter" is not worked out as well as possible. You need to have a very sharp eye to mark exactly the part of the world that you need. Therefore, sometimes errors occur in the process of marking, and then to not use the wrong piece of land that you wanted to get, the function of withdrawing the privatization is used, so you need to know how to delete the old region.

how to remove a person from the region

Deletion process

Remove the region in the "Maincrafter" is quite simple -the process is practically the same as creating a region, but you do not need to mark any points. You just need to write down the necessary command and specify the name of the region that you would like to remove. If you are the one who created this region, then it will be deleted, if not, then you can not do anything with this territory. In addition, you can delete not only the region, but also people who used to have the opportunity to use your hospitality. To do this, you need to know how to remove a person from the region, as well as the command for the console. And again - you can do this only if you are the creator of this region. This is done so that the griffers, even if they penetrate your territory, tearing themselves into your confidence, could not completely deprive you of it. True, they can destroy the blocks on your site, so always follow the safety advice - add only proven people, otherwise you will have to delete the region for one more reason, namely because all your buildings were destroyed by the player you own let on their territory.

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