/ How to install the plugin on the "Maincraft": the instruction.

How to install the plugin on the "Maincraft": the instruction.

Despite the fact that even the original version"Maincraft" has a large audience of fans, many continue to install on it additional updates and updates. Today we will tell you how to install the plug-in on the Maincraft so that it can work.


If you own a public server,you should not have any problems. Add the plugin to the "network" version of "Maincrafter" is very simple. To do this, you need only a .jar distribution.

how to install the plugin

I want to note immediately that the instructionmeans your ability to create and run the server yourself. Therefore, the second step will be surfing the folders on your computer with the game installed. You need to find a directory that has the name of your server. In it you should be interested in the plugins folder. If it's not there, just create it yourself.

Now in this folder, put the downloaded plugin andStart the server through the console. It will have to be installed automatically. If you want to update an existing plug-in, create a subfolder of update place a new version in it. Now restart the server with the console command stop. Remember that the file names of the installed update and update must match.

How to install the plugin, we figured out, now let's see what to do if you connect to a third-party resource.

how to install plugins on a maincraft server


If you play on someone else's server, then the question "howInstall plugins on the server "Maincraft" should not bother you. You can not do this, and this feature is available only to the server administrator. However, remote installation is still possible.

If you are given administrative rights, you canupdate the plug-ins even on a foreign server. To do this, log in to it and enter the console command stop. Now let's see how to install the plug-in on the Maincraft.

  1. Go to an open server in the FTP manager.
  2. With it, repeat all the actions that were described earlier - transfer the plugin file to the appropriate folder.
  3. Start the server. At the same time, you will install / update the plug-ins you are using.

Now you know how to install the "Maincraft"plugin, if it is a server. However, many players prefer to delve into the cubical world alone, which means that you will have to install the modifications a little differently.


You do not need to play in single player modemake no extra gestures. The whole process is automated, and running the game is very simple. If you are interested in how to install the plug-in on a single "Meincraft", here too, there will be no problems.

how to install a plug-in on a single mainframe

Plug-ins are installed similarly to the previous onesvariants, only to place them it is necessary in a folder mods. In extreme cases, you may need third-party programs or more subtle client settings for the game. Usually they are unique for each particular plug-in, and their installation is performed according to the instructions specified in the accompanying readme-file, or tips written on the site from which the specific modification was downloaded.

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