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Intel Core 2 DUO E7400 Processor: Features, Features and Feedback

This article will consider an excellent 8-year old CPU - Intel Core 2 DUO E7400. Characteristics Today this chip can not be calledrelevant, but it still looks great as a basis for office or budget system units. It is in this context that its specifications will be considered.

intel core 2 duo e7400 specs

CPU niche

At the time of sales, this processorbelonged to the solutions of the middle class. Most of the existing software at that time on it could quite successfully function. Of course, some toys on this hardware were not at the maximum settings, but still they were mandatory started. But now the situation has changed. In some of the most recent and most demanding toys, there is a test for the presence of 4 cores, and there are only 2 cores in this chip. Therefore, such software will not work on it. As a result, such chips relate to semiconductor solutions of the initial class.

Delivery options

In two possible versions of the bundle was supplied an Intel processor Core 2 DUO E7400. Description on the official website of the manufacturer indicates at the TRAIL. The second one was more modest and included the following:

  • The chip itself.
  • Branded sticker with the logo of the CPU model.
  • Warranty card from the manufacturer.
  • A short guide to using a semiconductor product.

The first option was more extensive and, in addition to all the previously listed, included the following:

  • Branded cooler.
  • Thermo-paste.

Processor connector. General characteristics of CPU

The Intel Core 2 DUO E7400 was supposed to be installed in the main and most common processor socket at that time.

intel core 2 duo e7400 processor

Characteristics support LGA775. To date, all the processors of this socket are obsolete and out of production. But still there is its stock of stocks, and therefore it is still possible to buy such semiconductor products. This processor has only 2 computationalmodule. Also, it does not support the technology of NT and the second increase in the number of logical streams at the software level can not be obtained in this case.

Production technology

According to the most advanced technical process in 2008, Intel Core 2 DUO E7400 was produced. Characteristics of this silicon crystal indicate the normstolerance of 45 nm. Now the most advanced CPUs are already manufactured at 14 nm. Taking into account the difference in 3 times and taking into account the time interval of 8 years, it turns out not so much a big difference Between the hero of this review and the budget CPUs of the latest generation.

processor intel core 2 duo e7400 description


Only 2 levels of cache are in "Cor 2 DUO E7400".In 2008, among the chips for conventional personal computers, it was still impossible to meet the 3-level memory cache. Therefore, in this respect, this chip did not stand out as something special. Now this is one of the reasons why this CPU can not compete on the speed with the most affordable processors of the last several generations. The first level had a total size of 64 KB. At the same time they were divided into 2 equal parts, the size of each of which was equal to 32 KB. The second cache level was common for all CPU resources and was 3 MB in size.


For use in conjunction with memory DDR2 was calculated processor Intel Core 2 DUO E7400.The characteristics of this CPU indicate the recommended frequencies at 800 MHz or 1.066 MHz. The memory controller, unlike the current chips, was not part of the semiconductor chip of the CPU. Therefore, its specific implementation depended on the set of system logic on the motherboard.

2 duo e7400

Frequency. Overclocking

The clock frequency for thisThe semiconductor solution was installed at 2.8 GHz. The multiplier of this CPU is set to 10.5. This value is fixed and it is impossible to disperse this chip by simply changing this parameter. Therefore, the only way to increase the speed of such a PC is to increase the frequency of the system bus on the motherboard. Its value is set at 266.7 MHz. In practice, with a high-quality cooling system, the system bus frequency could be raised to 390 MHz and get the chip already 4.1 GHz. As a percentage, this is 46%. As a result, we can note that this CPU had excellent overclocking potential.

Reviews. Price

At $ 110 at the beginning of sales option option TRAIL was evaluated by the manufacturer of this chip. In 125 dollars, the more advanced equipment of the Intel Core 2 DUO E7400 was evaluated. Features (reviews) owners and specialists confirm this)this CPU is very modest, and it is inferior in speed to even the most budgetary processors of the latest generation. The key difference here lies in the frequency and cache memory, which currently has a three-level organization. It should also be taken into account that this processorreleased a long time ago, and therefore consider it as the basis for the gaming system is not worth it. It is obsolete and suitable only for the solution of the most simple tasks: playback of video or audio recordings, web surfing and office programs. Also to this list you can add the current least demanding or even obsolete old toys. Something more of this semiconductor CPU to squeeze out will not work.

intel core 2 duo e7400 features reviews


For 2008, an excellent processor solution was Intel Core 2 DUO E7400. Characteristics he really was at that time quite good. But now This CPU is outdated both morally and physically.Over the past time, he moved from the niche of middle-class products to the budget segment. As a result, on such personal computers you can only solve now the simplest tasks. But for something more to use such a computing system does not work.

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