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How to make Ender's Chest in Meincraft: Instruction

Today we are talking about how to make Enderchest in the Meincraft. Probably, most players understand the need to create storage facilities and place objects in them. However, very few people imagine why it is necessary to make a special chest, but also of expensive materials. But about everything in order, we'll start with crafting.


Before you make Ender's chest in"Maincraft", you need to find some resources. In fact, it's not that difficult if you know where to look. Here is a list of what we need, with ways to get it.

how to make an endangered chest in maynkraft

  1. The rod of the efreet. In order to receive it, you need to put the Iphritus in an infernal fortress. As you can see from the name, this structure is in hell. For the battle with him, stock up potions of fire resistance. The main condition for obtaining the item is the death of the mob itself. That is, you can not use traps or golems, you have to wave your sword yourself. Remember that ifriti - one of the most dangerous creatures in the "Meincraft." How to make an Ender's chest without killing them? Unfortunately, in any way.
  2. Ender Pearls. Also falls from mobs. As you can see from the name - Endermenov. So do not run away from them, but on the contrary, when you meet, kill as soon as possible. They are extremely rare, and at least 2 pieces of pearls will be needed.
  3. Obsidian. Extremely rare material. It occurs exclusively deep under the earth and in the world of the Edge. It must either be found next to the streams of lava, or independently made by pouring a bucket of water all into the same stream of magma. It is obtained only by a diamond pickaxe. We need at least 16 pieces.
  4. It would be nice to have a table of enchantments (a cloak enchanted with a silk touch).


Ander's box in "Meincraft" is created in severalstages. For crafting, we need the eye of Ender. To do it, we go to the bench. We put the core of the efreet in the central cell. From it we get two pieces of fiery powder. Then, in the same way, we place the powder in the center, and beneath it - the pearl of Ender we collected earlier. In total, we should have two eyes.

how to make an ender's chest

Now you can proceed directly to the craft. How to make Ender's chest in "Maincraft"? On the bench in the very center we place the created by us eye of Ender. Obsidian is placed along the edges. We repeat the procedure. We have two chests. But why this is needed, we read below.


Ander's box in "Meincraft" is a special,unique thing. It can be used absolutely differently, depending on your imagination. So what's its difference from a conventional storage? All the chests of Ender share their contents. That is, if you put one chest and put an object in it, and then at the other end of the card put the second chest, you can find in it the same contents. Therefore, before you make Ender's chest in "Meincraft", stock up on two copies. Alone they are just ordinary boxes.

In multi-player mode, the chest getsthe second value. The fact is that you can only take items from it. That is, you can not steal anything. If an attacker destroys a trunk, he will receive only obsidian. And you, having created a new one, will be able to take all your household from there.

ender's chest in maynkraft

There is also a small trick. Remember, we were preparing a pickaxe, enchanted with a silk touch? If such a tool is to dig a trunk, it will fall into the character's inventory with all its contents.

That's all you had to learn about how to make Ender's chest in Meincraft. We hope that this article will be useful to you.

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