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Details on how to make a book in "Meincraft"

Today we will talk about how to make a book in"Meincraft." This subject in everyday life is useful for enlightenment. As for the virtual reality we are interested in at present, books help in the creation of other subjects. Available with a pen, as well as the traditional version. The latter will help us to make the table of enchantment.


how to make a book in maynkraft
First, we'll figure out how to make a book in"Maincraft" of the usual type. For this we need to get leather and paper. Let's start with catching cows. Of these, you can get the skin. Paper is created from reeds, which grows near water. To make an ordinary book, place a piece of leather in the lower left corner of the craft craft, then fill the middle column completely with paper.


Now we need to discuss another important issuegame "Maynkraft" - how to make an enchanted book. Such an object will allow us to preserve the spell to improve various objects. Using this book, we can enchant elements at any convenient time. We can receive such an object by casting a spell on it, using the enchantment table. As for the appearance, the magic book from the usual differs in brilliance, besides it is tied with a red ribbon. We go to the treasury. There we can find an enchanted book. Also, the usual volume can easily be turned into a magical one in a village by a librarian, but you have to pay for it with emeralds. In order to use the enchantment book, we place this element on the anvil, placing it on the right cell. In doing so, we put the object to be processed into the left. Once the enchantments on the cannon are cast, the book disappears.


how to make an enchanted book
Let's see, for what purposes shoulduse the object described by us. One of the options - creating an interior in the possession of the character, because of the books you can build a suitable cabinet. However, most often this object is used for the construction of the enchantment table. The latter allows you to improve a variety of subjects. We can enchant them to improve certain properties. Thus, the creation of the book can be considered one of the most important tasks for achieving success in the game. There is another interesting option. It's about a book with a pen. It is made of ordinary. Now we know how to make a book in "Minecraft" and what is needed for this.

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