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Processor N3710: specifications, specifications and reviews

The most budgetary and low-performance semiconductor solutions belong to processor N3710. Characteristics This chip indicates that it is optimizedfor the implementation of the most simple tasks. But at the same time the level of energy efficiency is higher than any praise. It is about this processor that will be discussed later.

n3710 processor specifications

Niche chip

As was noted earlier, a harmonious combinationenergy efficiency and autonomy boasts a processor N3710. The characteristics of the chip in question allow its use only as part of ultrabudgetary laptops or netbooks. Such PCs will have a long battery life and low cost. But the list of solved problems will consist only of browsing, office packages and playback of multimedia content. Also it can include simple games and viewing pdf-files.

Basic parameters of the chip

The base rated clock frequency at which it is capable of operating processor Intel Pentium N3710, 1600 MHz. Characteristics his emphasis on the support of the companytechnology from Intel - TurboBust. Therefore, in the overclocking mode, it can increase its frequency to 2560 MHz. This processor unit includes 4 computational modules. But the support for another important logical multitasking technology, called Hyper Threading, is not supported in this case. Therefore, at the software level, this silicon solution will be represented by all the same 4 computational logic cores. This CPU was manufactured on technological equipment with tolerances not exceeding 14 nm and refers to the Braswell architecture. The announcement took place in the 1st quarter of 2016. The thermal package of this microprocessor is only 6 W, and the operating temperature should be no more than 90 0FROM.

intel pentium n3710 processor

Memory subsystem. Cache

Only 8 GB of RAM canaddress the Intel Pentium N3710 processor. The specifications allow the use of DDR3-L standard modules with a nominal frequency of 1600 MHz. Of course, you can install the slats in such a PC and with a greater working frequency, but they will work at all the same 1600 MHz. Separately, it should be noted that the controller RAM, which is on the same substrate with the computing part of the computer system, can work in a 2-channel format. Therefore, to improve performance, it is recommended to use a reduced number of models with a smaller capacity than one, but with a large capacity. For example, it is better to install 2 brackets of 2 GB, than 1 bar for 4 GB. This will improve performance by an additional 10-15%. The cache in this case consists of 2 levels. On the first one you can place 128 KB, and on the second 2 MB.

Overview of Notebook Models

As an example, consider the laptop IdeaPad 110-14IBR from Lenovo. It is based on the article under review in this review CPU N3710. Characteristics he really is very, very modest. Only 4 GB of RAM, some of which will be occupied by video information. In the role of graphics accelerator stands HD Graphics model 405 from the company "Intel" with a range of operating frequencies from 400 to 700 MHz. The screen diagonal is 14.1 ", and its resolution is 1366x768. The size of the drive is 500 GB, and the operating system is DOS. The cost of such a laptop at the current moment is 14,000 rubles.

intel pentium n3710 processor 1600 MHz specifications

Results. Cost and opinions of owners

This material is completely devoted to such a chip as processor N3710. Characteristics he has very modest, but also the cost is quitedemocratic. These are the most ultra-budget mobile notebooks that can solve the most simple tasks. But they are the most common today. Another important plus is its autonomy and energy efficiency. Something more for modern laptops of the economy class is certainly not needed, and this is one of the best microprocessors in this category.

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