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How to change weather in "Maincrafter": plug-ins and commands

"Maynkraft" - a very colorful game, because in itthere is a huge open world, beautiful trees, various and colorful flowers, fireworks and beautiful buildings that are generated randomly. However, a beautiful view can easily spoil the weather. In the game "Maynkraft" there are three different types of weather phenomena, namely: sunny, rainy and the most unpleasant weather - a thunderstorm. During a rain or thunderstorm, lightning can strike the house, which can become deadly to the player, or a fire in the forest or at home, if it is built of wooden blocks, may start. Sometimes you really want to change the weather, and for this there are console commands and individual trainers. The article describes how to change the weather in the "Maincraft" for all three conditions.

How to change the weather in the "Maincrafter"

Who can change the weather and for how long?

The weather can be set very different, andduration also depends on the player's choice. On the servers can only change the chief administrator of the server or the one to whom the same administrator issued the rights. This is very easy, and for this use console commands. But not all administrators are aware of how to change the weather in Maynkraft and how long it will last. On servers it often happens that there is a fog, and players play uncomfortable, and they require and ask the admin to change the weather. But if the administrator does not know these very simple commands, then the players are disappointed and can leave the server because of the owner's unprofessional. Therefore, every server administrator must know how to change the weather on the Maincraft server.

Plugin for change

In the original "Maynkraft" weather can be changedhimself. There should not be any problems, however, it is recommended to install a special plug-in, which is designed specifically for this case. Having dealt with the installation of the plug-in, you can already ask yourself how to change the weather in the "Maincrafter". You need to go to the server and enter the necessary console commands, in order to change it.

how to change the weather on the maincraft server

Change the weather: teams

Already everything is ready, the plug-in is worth it. It remains only to enter the desired command. How to change the weather in the "Maincrafter" for a long time:

1. After installing the plug-in, you need to go to your own server, in which there are administrator rights, and use the console commands, which are slightly lower in the article.

2. You need to open the chat and enter / weather + mode. That is, if you enter / weather sunny 1000, then the sunny weather will last for a long time, if you enter / weather rain / stormy, then there will already be rain / thunderstorm.

That's all, you can enjoy the views and at any time change the weather.

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