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How to enter the settings of the router in the usual situation and when there are problems?

Now, most Internet users haveat home several devices for accessing the network. This is a stationary computer, and a laptop, and a tablet, and a smartphone, and a regular mobile phone with Wi-Fi. In this case, use a router / router to distribute the Internet. Sometimes there is a need to go into its settings and change something there. And this suddenly does not work. What to do? How do I enter the settings of the router and make the necessary changes?

how to enter router settings
It also happens that you, by purchasing a new deviceto distribute the Internet, you want to do all the work connected with its connection and debugging. In any case, to start any of these tasks, you first need to get to the router software. Consider first how to enter the settings of the router in the version where no problems exist.

We connect the computer and the purchased onedevice using the cable that comes in the kit, then connect them to the power supply. We pay attention to the fact that we do not need the Internet at all, we can use it only for updating the software. Therefore, the power cord does not interest us.

Turn on the computer, run your favoritebrowser, enter the IP-address, through which we will connect to the router. Most often this is or You can look in the instructions to the device or in the parameters of the network connection - IPv4.

I can not enter the router settings
The turn came to the last point at the answerto the question of how to enter the settings of the router. If all connections have been completed correctly, a page appears where you need to enter your login and password. Take them from the instruction and enter. All - you are in the settings, you can now do what you want.

And what to do when the situation is more complicated? I can not enter the settings of the router, and that's it! I enter my login and password on the login page, but absolutely nothing happens! Although he did not change anything, he did not forget (he kept it in his notebook). What to do in this case? There are two basic answers.

Let's take a look at this example of how to enter the settings of the Asus router. Although in different devices the options are almost the same, except for small nuances, for example, IP-addresses.

First, someone could hack your protection,penetrate the settings, change them, including the login with a password. Secondly, there are viruses that change them for the purpose of modifying the router for botnets.

how to enter the settings of the asus router
Counteraction to such troubles is standard,but reliable. First, we check our computer with an anti-virus or a good scanner, for example, DrWeb CureIt. You can do both, in turn. Then we return the device to the factory settings, executing the hard-reset step by pressing the "Reset" button. With this option, you will have to re-do all the debugging, including WAN and WLAN, but this is the least trouble that could happen.

In order to prevent such situations, it is mandatory to change the default password, regularly check and update the software of the router.

I hope that we have considered in some detail the main ways to fix the problem when there is a question about how to enter the settings of the router.

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