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How to update "Word", the table of contents in it and the content

In this article, we'll talk about three things: how to update the "Word" entirely, how to update only the table of contents and only the content. All these actions will be thoroughly commented on, and detailed instructions will be attached, so that everyone will understand what needs to be done to achieve the desired result.

We update "Word"

So, if you do not know how to update the "Word", thennow you will understand everything. First, we'll look at how to check for an update manually. And for this we need to start the program itself. Once you have done this, pay attention to the "File" item, which is located on the top panel. Click it. Now you should see the sidebar on the left and the inscription on it "Account". Click on it. Look for the "Product Information" section. Have you found it? Well done! Now find and click on "Office Updates". After that, a pop-up menu will appear, in which you must select the first item - "Refresh". Now you need to wait until the check of these updates. As soon as something is found, you will be notified about this and start downloading and installing. Otherwise, a message will pop up: "You are all right".

how to update the word

So, you learned how to update the "Word" manually,Now let's talk about how to configure automatic check for updates, so that each time do not perform the above manipulations. By the way, the instruction that will now be presented is also suitable for those users who do not have a context menu when clicking on "Office Updates" and they can not manually check the package updates.

In fact, the instruction is painfully simple. You will also need to click on "Office updates", only now from the list choose not "Update", but "Enable updates". A window will appear asking you to confirm your actions - click "Yes". Well, that's all, now you've learned how to update the "Word" and what to do if the "Update" button does not work.

Updating the table of contents in the "Word"

Now let's talk about how to updatethe table of contents in the Word. This function is not so popular, of course, but still requires publicity. For this you need to perform only a few simple manipulations. By the way, you need to update the table of contents only if all actions with the document are finished and you are preparing it for printing. And if the table of contents after the main editing was not added or deleted, then this function is completely unnecessary.

how to update the table of contents in a Word

So, to update the table of contents, you needgo to the "Links" tab and click the "Update Table" button, which is located in the "Table of Contents" group. Now it is only necessary to switch the switch to the "Update only page numbers" position or "Refresh whole".

We update the content in the "Word"

And now it will be told how to update the content in the "Word". This option is also not popular, but you can not keep silent about it.

As in the past case, the manipulations thatwill be presented below, it is worthwhile to hold only after the content has already been modified, otherwise the update can not be carried out.

how to update the content in a Word

To update, you need toselect the desired object. After that, the line "Update table" appears in the upper left part. Click on it. Now before you are already familiar upgrade options. Select the required one. After that, the content will be updated.

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