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How to set the texture in "Minecraft"? It's very simple!

The game "Minecraft" carries to its world players of allages, giving them unlimited opportunities to change the game world, from building a house to a complete redevelopment of the landscape around - it would be time and desire. The only thing that upsets the game is the low quality textures. The cube world is already peculiar, so it still depresses its owners with powerful game computers. Especially for those who want to diversify the picture in the game, consider how to set the texture in "Minecraft".

The first step is to find the desired pack withtextures. They are in large numbers can be found on the forums dedicated to the game. From the simplest to HD high-resolution textures. In the case of HD textures, you should install and run the "MCpatcher" program in the root folder of the game to avoid crashes on the desktop. If the textures you choose are normal resolution (32 and 64 pixels), then no further action is required.

how to install textures in minecraft
After downloading the archive, check it for availabilitymalicious code before installing the texture. In the "Minecraft" under the user's text-files is a separate folder, which you need to find. The root folder of the game is located by default at: C: User AppDataRoaming.minecraft. Usually this folder is hidden, so it's easier to find it by typing ".minecraft" into the search - exactly with a dot in front of the name to find only the folder that interests us. Next, look for the folder "texturepacks" and already in it you unpack the downloaded files.

minecraft installation of textures
After copying the files, run "Minecraft". The installation of textures ends with the option "Texture packs" selected in the main menu of the game and the required set is determined. After that, the game may for a while stop responding to requests - so goes the installation of textures in "Minecraft" in normal mode, and there is nothing to worry about. Then start the game and check the correctness of the new design.

installation of textures in minecraft
If you are uncertainly in circulationwith a computer and did not quite understand from the above described way how to install textures in "Minecraft", then there is an easy way to find the folder to which you want to copy the downloaded files.

You need to run the game and in the main menu (firstscreen with buttons) select the item "texture packstexture packs". Next, you will see a window containing sets of textures (by default, there is only one option in the downloaded client). At the bottom of the screen will be the button "show the folder with textures" - click on it. The game automatically converts to the tray, and you will be shown a Windows Explorer window with an open folder for textures. It is in this folder that you need to transfer the new files.

Now that you know how to set the texturein "Minecraft", you can not only change the surrounding landscape in the game, but also give it a unique appearance. The only restriction on installing textures is the capabilities of your computer: the higher the resolution, the greater the load. Of course, "Minecraft" is far beyond the requirements to modern games, but with high graphics settings, HD textures, say 512x512 pixels, instead of a photorealistic landscape, you can "give" you a FPS sinking several times. Be careful and choose the textures that your computer will cope with without losing performance.

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