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Is there a question about how to install the map in Minecraft? To you here!

Do you own your own server in Minecraft? But you are not able to build anything standing alone, and your friends are tired of playing in the monotonous world of "Maincrafter"? No problem! In such cases, there is only one way out - download and install the card you like on your server. Especially for you, many players are working on creating maps. You just need to find and download the right one. Then you need to transfer it to your server. And how to install the map in Minecraft, will be told in this article.

cards in minecraft
First of all, we'll figure out what cards are andwhat they are. In the "Maincraft" card - it's a kind of system consisting of directories and files of various types, which carries information about the blocks and their location. Maps can be generated unlimited times, however they have a limited size: for example, the highest building should not exceed 256 blocks in height, and the whole map should not occupy more than 13 million blocks. But do not be upset, 13 million blocks - that's a lot. On the study of a map of 2-3 million blocks, the player will take several days, and what to say about 13 million. The cards are multi-user and single-user. It's easy to guess that the main criterion for this division is the number of players.

passing the map in minecraf
Before installing the card in Minecraft, youyou need to decide on her choice. It's simple. Maps in Minecraft is a very good thing. There are maps, "adventures", there are maps for passing. If the main goal - to pass all the tests to one or with friends, the passage of the card in Minecraft - a very fun job. And there are cards that carry nothing but beautiful design. Here you can only admire the buildings. The most valuable cards are hand-built, and often the most beautiful ones. They are created without different generators and used for passing the game.

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Now we turn to the question: "How to install a map in Minecraft?" The answer to this question is very simple. By the way, I'll just say that there are two types of card installation: in single-user and multi-user modes.

Option 1

Multiuser mode assumes that forHe needs to find a card that should support multiplayer (so the choice is significantly narrowed). Then you need to unzip the archive (most often the maps are downloaded as Winrar), then you need to copy all the files from the archive to the / minecraft / world / folder. If you need to replace the files, then do not be afraid, quietly replace. Then start your server and wait for the card to fully boot. The download time depends on the size of the card, so be prepared for a long wait.

Option 2

In single-player mode you also need to downloadcard, but here absolutely any card comparable to your version of the game is suitable. Then you need to find the "saves" folder. On Windows 7, this folder can be found as follows: in the search line we write% appdata%, then we find the folder .minecrsft / saves, after which we transfer all the files from the archive to the found folder. On Windows XP, this folder can be found by writing in the "Run" search, and in the window that opens, write: "% appdata%", then - you know.

This article ends, I hope I helped you with the decision on how to install the map in Minecraft.

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