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How to install a skin in Minecraft as quickly and quickly as possible

Minecraft - rather unusual and original byits gameplay game, the distinctive features of which is the ability to create almost any objects and objects in the game space. There are several modes, each of which sets a certain style of the player's behavior. For example, when surviving a gamer should be as accurate and attentive as possible. In the creative mode, you can do absolutely everything, without being afraid of being eaten by several dozen zombies. Hardcore is intended only for the most experienced, because it gives only one life, one chance. If the main character dies, then the saveings are automatically deleted, without the chance of recovery. Among other things, Minecraft has a multi-user mode, which greatly increases the interest in the game process. For the most part, it was this opportunity that introduced the need to change the appearance of the characters, so that everyone could become an individual. After reading this game, you can go to the main topic. So, how to install the skin in Minecraft?

how to install a skin in minecraft

Keeping the sequence

To begin with, I need to say a few words about the fact thatmeans the word "skin". The general interpretation is the visual style of the character, its appearance. How to install a skin in Minecraft? Its change is similar to the procedure for changing clothes in real life, but the stages are still somewhat different.

skin for minkraft

The first step is to determine which visualThe image is necessary, where it to take. As one of the most acceptable options, it is recommended to take the skin for "Minkraft" from the official site, where there is the possibility of not only a wide choice, but also individual editing of the model you like. After giving the main character the final look, click the Save button in the upper right corner, save the .png file to your hard drive. Now we have everything we need to change the skin into Minecraft. Next, open the "Start" menu and in the search field we drive the following combination: "% appdata%" (without quotes). We open and see that the first in the list is the folder ".minecraft". We go into it, find ourselves in the root directory. Next, you need to find a subfolder with the name Bin, which will be the archive we need under the name minecraft. Open it best through the WinRar archiver. Open the archive and look for the mob folder in which the char.png file will be located. Delete, and in its place we insert a freshly-built skin, which needs to be renamed appropriately (char).

change the skin in minecraft
Having thus changed the visual filesdesign of the main character, we will get a completely new look. Let me remind you that there are many ways of setting up a skin in Minecraft, but this method is unique - it works on any version of the game. Thus, you can change the appearance of the hero an infinite number of times. It is important to follow the specified sequence of actions to avoid unnecessary errors. Modifying and editing the root archive minecraft can greatly change not only the visual style, but also the game process itself. Thus, when answering the question about how to install the skin in Minecraft, we learned where the main game files are located, which, in turn, can be edited.

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