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A Minute of Crafting: How to Put Fashion on Minecraft

Undoubtedly, all players in the game Minecraft sandboxrepeatedly wondered about how to put fashion on Minecraft. This is much easier than it seems, and after reading this article from cover to cover, be sure to keep it in a conspicuous place! After all, it will serve you more than once, in order to create your own world of Minecraft with all the mods that you just like. There are two ways to install a mod, which we will describe below.

The first method is Forge ModLoader

how to put fashion on minecraft

The simplest, but at the same time requiringcertain skills in using the PC method, designed for more or less experienced users. To use this method of installing the modifications, we need a "clean" (ie a version of the game without any additions or firmwares) Minecraft, mod or several mods that you want to install, and ForgeModLoader (versions of your game) which you can download on any normal Russian site or on the official site of ForgeModLoader. Further details on how to put the mods on Minecraft.

For example, you want to install the "ThaumCraft 3" mod. First, you must go to the folder where you installed the game: C: Users "User Name" AppDataRoaming.minecraft

minecraft with all mods
(the path is approximate, written out from the standard location of the game installation file, but, as a rule, it turns out to be correct).

Here we go to the folder "bin" and open the archivefile minecraft.jar. Delete the META-INF folder from the archive (if it is not, then do not do this). Then we drop all the files from the downloaded ForgeModLoader archive. After that you can close minecraft.jar and go back to the folder (.minecraft) and create a folder called "mods" there, and throw the mod that you want to install.

How to install mods on Minecraft with ModLoader?

For the second method, we again need"clean" Minecraft, mod or a few mods that you want to install, and Minecraft Mod Laader (version of your game), which can be downloaded in any English-language forum devoted to the game. The ModLoader installation is exactly the same as the installation of the Forge ModLoader, so I do not think it's worth repeating.

Only in the case of ModLoader `s folder" mods "there is no need to create, and you need to throw the mods in the same place, where ModLoader itself is in minecraft.jar. If you do all this, you should no longer have problems with installing the modifications, but just in case, we'll look at a couple of the most popular questions on the topic.

minecraft mod loader
Q: I installed the mod, but when I start the game, I get a black screen and nothing more!
Answer: Make sure you delete the META-INF folder at the beginning of the installation. If you did not do this, then delete this folder and re-load the Forge or ModLoader files.

Question: I did everything right, but when I run it, I get the inscription: "Minecraft has crashed!"
Answer: Some fashion can conflict with each other. So not all mods can be installed together.

Note! Also, this error may occur due to the version of the mod that does not match the version of the game. For example, on the version of 1.5.1 you need to put the mods 1.5 and 1.5.1.

I hope that the information you received from thisarticle, provides an exhaustive answer to the question of how to put the mods on Minecraft, and will be the most useful for you! And remember that any additional information at least a little, but it loads the game, which in the end leads to a decrease in the quality of the performance of the engine. That is, if you put too many new modifications, and at the same time do not take care of deleting old ones that are no longer used, there is a very high chance that your game will simply not start at one point.

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