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Filling the air conditioner with freon: features

The most common malfunction inThe operation of the air conditioner is usually a leak of freon, a special gas, which is in the refrigerant circuit of the device. More often than not, this malfunction is the cause of deplorable results - the equipment is out of order. This can happen because the owner of the device does not pay the required attention to the timing and order of service. Such carelessness usually leads to large financial losses, and sometimes to the need for a complete replacement of the entire system. Very often, such a procedure as filling the air conditioner with freon is needed.

Filling the air conditioner with freon

Timely implementation of all requiredmanipulation of the serial maintenance of the device avoids the huge number of troubles that can be associated with costly repairs. Diagnosis and refueling of the air conditioner with freon must be conducted at least once a year. Gas leakage is not recognized as a breakdown, it is a planned phenomenon that occurs in any such device, regardless of the quality of its installation. Five to eight percent of Freon per year flows from the refrigeration circuit due to the fact that the inter-block pipeline is docked by the rolling method. It is important that the moment was not missed, that is, the refueling of the air conditioner with freon was made on time. Otherwise, due to a lack of material pressure, the compressor will start to overheat, which can lead to unfortunate consequences, in particular, to replace the latter with a new one. This procedure is often half the cost of the entire device.

Refrigerant refueling

Filling the air conditioner with freon mustcarried out exclusively by a qualified specialist, who has all the equipment necessary for this. The process itself usually takes place at the installation site, but sometimes it becomes necessary to send the device to a service center where all necessary diagnostic procedures will be performed on specialized equipment. This is used in situations where there is a serious breakdown. You can feel the need to refuel the air conditioner and without any special diagnostic tools. If you notice that it began to cool the air worse, and on the choke joints at the external unit began to form ice or frost, then it is necessary to immediately stop the operation of the device. After this, immediately call for a service team, which will make a professional diagnosis of the air conditioner. If a leak of freon is detected, it will be immediately refueled.

Filling with freon

In any case, if you have seen anymalfunctions or signs of abnormal functioning of separate units, it is necessary to immediately disconnect the device, and then contact the service department. Self-charging with freon can lead to the final failure of the device. It must be taken into account that different types of air conditioners are able to use different brands of refrigerants. Therefore, only experienced specialists will be able to select the appropriate type for your device and carry out such procedure as filling the air conditioner with freon.

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