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How to update Eset NOD32 antivirus: basic methods

In the modern computer world, probably, nobodyyou are no longer surprised by the existence of viruses, spyware, malware and the means to counter such threats, called antiviruses. NOD32 is one of such software products. Like all other applications of this type, it requires constant updating. Let's try to consider how to update the antivirus Eset NOD32.

What is NOD32 Antivirus?

As is already clear, this application (or rather,cumulative functional set) refers to systems for searching, detecting, removing viruses and treating infected files and programs. In addition, this software product is able to block even unauthorized access to the computer in order to cause harm to the system or theft of confidential information.

how to update antivirus eset nod32

The application works on the same principle asmany other anti-virus systems. However, each user should clearly understand how to update NOD32 Antivirus, because every day on the expanses of computer networks there is a huge number of new viruses that use the latest technologies and software approaches in their work.

Installing NOD32

To begin with, a few words about installing thissoftware. Nothing complicated in this. You just need to follow the instructions of the "Wizard", and if necessary, enter a link to the license and the corresponding activation key, if the program is official.

how to update nod32 antivirus

If you use licensed software, the programwill update the Eset antivirus first at the first start, by contacting the developer resources. In the process of use, you can use some other tools if the program is hacked.

Required Update

That's where the question arises: how to updateantivirus Eset NOD32. It turns out that in the absence of a license, the application does not automatically update. This is due to limitations in the program itself, because it is paid initially. Nevertheless, there is a way out. Here it is worth noting a few basic solutions that you can use, because, as already clear, without a mandatory update, the program can not detect new viruses, spyware or malicious programs.

Use of the license

Of course, if you have a problem, howupdate the Eset NOD32 antivirus, using the license is the easiest way out. For example, now on the Internet you can find quite a lot of utilities to activate this antivirus. What is most interesting, there are even programs that allow you to set lifetime activation in the settings of the program.

will update eset antivirus

However, from the point of view of circumvention of acquisitionthe official version of NOD32, this is, to put it mildly, computer piracy. On the other hand, our people have never embarrassed such trifles. That's why you can use this method, because the updating of the virus signature database, as well as the components of the software product itself, will be done completely without the user's participation in automatic mode (for example, it can be Eset NOD32 Key Finder).

eset nod32 antivirus 4 refresh

Key Update

As for the use of keys,the method is no less effective, although more problematic, since a license of the type trial (trial) has limitations on the validity period of only 30 days. After such a time, the question of how to update the free antivirus Eset NOD32, arises again. In this case, you can use two main methods.

The first is the use of specialsites on which there are free keys. Most of these sites are official resources for a certain region or country that have the support of the company Eset itself. Although it is not excluded the option that the user when surfing the Internet in search of free keys will stumble upon some pirated site.

The second solution to the question of how to updateantivirus Eset NOD32, is to download the latest keys, as well as databases containing virus signatures. This process takes more time. In addition, you will not only have to enter the update keys, but also copy new databases to a special antivirus folder.

upgrade free antivirus eset nod32

It seems that such a technique is suitable only for thoseIf the user on the computer terminal does not have a permanent connection to the Internet or the connection is too slow. You have to download all the contents, then copy to removable media, and then - to a laptop or computer terminal. Among other things, it should be noted that usually the latest databases are found only on illegal resources such as the same torrent trackers, which are recognized worldwide as distributors of pirated content. But then the program will issue a message about maximum protection and will allow to run a scan with a full definition of threats.

how to update antivirus eset nod32

The result

If we sum up a certain result, we can say that,for example, Eset NOD32 antivirus (4) can be updated in exactly the same way as any other version of this software package. In principle, the approaches described above apply to Eset Smart Security, as well as to some other products of the corporation (say, "Antiwar", etc.).

Here we did not consider the issue related toupdating of the anti-virus software provided several terminals are connected through the central server. In this case the problem is simplified even more. It is enough to update on the parent server itself, and all other terminals on the network automatically access the latest databases. Similarly, the application components are updated. But here everything will depend only on what method of updating will be chosen by the system administrator.

However, if it is a corporate network of a large company, it's best to use licensed software. Then there will be no problems with updating or even with the law.

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