/ How to remove ESET NOD32 yourself?

How to remove ESET NOD32 yourself?

Often in beginners or poorly trainedusers the following question arises: "How to remove ESET NOD32 yourself?" Although, as practice shows, even experts sometimes have problems with this. Until recently, this antivirus was considered one of the best products of this class. But now the situation has changed dramatically, because his work receives more and more criticism. Therefore, users turn their eyes towards competitors. In order to change antivirus software without problems, you must uninstall NOD32. It is this operation that will be considered within the framework of this material.

How to remove ESET NOD32?


How to remove ESET NOD32? The first step is to uninstall it. To do this, go to the following address: "Start / Control Panel / Programs and Components". In the list of the opened window we find our antivirus and delete it by clicking the "Delete" button. At first glance, this seems to be enough. But actually it is not. There were hidden components that need to be either manually removed, or using a special program ESETUninstaller. The second option is preferable, because it requires less knowledge and skills from the user. Therefore, we will stop on it your choice.

Cleaning the system

This stage of the procedure consists in cleaning the systemfrom hidden antivirus remnants. To do this, install a special utility called ESETUninstaller. Then you need to run it. It works in command line mode, so its interface should not scare you. To enable her further work, press "Y". Then a list of installed antivirus programs is displayed. In it you need to find NOD32 and in response to enter its number (usually this is "1"). Then again press "Y" to confirm our actions. Then click "Q" to end the utility. Now you just need to press any key to exit.

GCD 32 smart security.

Checking the registry

At the final stage of work on how to removeESET NOD32, you need to check the registry of the operating system for errors. To do this, it is best to use specialized software, for example, CCleaner. First, you need to install its installation version, following the instructions of the wizard. Run the program. In the window that opens, click the "Registry" tab. On it we find the button named "Search for problems" and click on it. The scanning operation will begin. Upon its completion, the "Fix" button will become active. We press it. In the window that appears, select "Yes" and make a backup copy of the registry. Then select the "Fix checked" button. When the error correction is over, click "Close". We leave the program. Everything, anti-virus GCD 32 completely removed from your computer system. Now you can start installing a new software product of this class.

Anti-Virus GCD 32.


In the framework of this article is described in stagesthe technology of uninstalling the antivirus GCD 32. "Smart Security" of the same developer is removed in a similar manner. So the described algorithm is universal for all products of the Czech company ESET. Something complicated is not there, it is within the power of each user, regardless of the level of his preparation. Now you know how to remove ESET NOD32 on your own.

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