/ Adobe Flash Player: what to do?

Adobe Flash Player: what to do?

Unfortunately, Adobe Flash Player is not the mostreliable software that can be installed on a PC. In view of this, in the course of his work, various malfunctions can occur that lead to his so-called collapse and other problems in his work. In this article we will try to disassemble in detail all the failures and give an answer to the question: what to do if the Adobe Flash Player plug-in crashed?

adobe flash plugin crash

Installation problems

Initially, before discussing the collapse of the Adobe Flash Player plug-in, it's worthwhile to pay attention to its installation, as many are facing difficulties already at this stage.

So, if for some reason you do not haveit turns out to install the plug-in on your computer, then, perhaps, the files that remain from previous versions of the program serve as the wine. Accordingly, in order to eliminate this malfunction, it is only necessary to clean the system of these files.

For starters advise to use standardmeans of the operating system. Try to remove Adobe Flash via the "Programs and Features" utility, if that did not work, then install the Revo Uninstaller program, and with it you will definitely get rid of the conflicting files.

After cleaning, try installing the plug-in again - this time everything should go well.

Adobe Flash Player

Well, now go directly to the verycrash plug-in. A corresponding message appears on the computer in the event that the Flash Player suddenly stops working. It occurs when viewing on the site of an element created with the help of or with the participation of the technology "Flash Player". To fix the problem, when the Adobe Flash Player plug-in crashes, you just need to reload the page and the item will start working again.

In case this did not happen, then the reason,most likely, is an outdated version of the plugin. Make an update, and everything will be in order. If the update does not occur, then remove, re-download and install the plug-in from the official site.

adobe flash has crashed

Flash Player Block

When the Adobe Flash plug-in crashes, thatdo, you already know, but sometimes the malfunction may be in another. For example, many users were faced with the fact that their plug-in simply becomes blocked. However, the solution to this problem is quite trivial. You, as in the previous method, you just need to update your plugin. Recall that the download of the new version should only be on the developer's site, since unreliable sources can put a virus in the software code.

By the way, about viruses. It is possible that the reason for the permanent blocking of flash content can be viruses on the computer. Accordingly, they must be removed. Do it best with the help of Avast Antivirus or Kaspersky.

What to do if Adobe Flash Player is not updated

Since we have moved away a little from the topic "What to do,if the Adobe Flash plug-in crashed, "then you should talk about the problems with updating the plug-in itself, as the article has repeatedly been cited as a solution to the problem.

adobe flash plugin crash what to do

Now we will briefly try to disassemble several methods that will explain what to do in order to make a successful update of the plug-in:

  1. To restart a computer. First of all, if the plug-in refuses to be updated, it's worth rebooting your PC, since this is the most common phenomenon. After reboot everything should start working properly.
  2. Refresh the browser. If Adobe does not update, then check the version of your browser, it may also be outdated, and since the "Flash Player" works directly with the browser, one hinders the other.
  3. Reinstall the plugin. This has already been discussed in the article. If you can not update the plug-in, try to completely uninstall it, and then download it and install it.
  4. Disable antivirus. In some cases, the reason for refusing to update is the antivirus, believing that the downloaded files can harm your PC. If the "Flash Player" you have 100% installed from an official source, then temporarily disable the antivirus to conduct a successful update.

Here are four tips for what to do if the plug-in refuses to be updated. Well, we move on.

Enable Flash Player

If you notice that there is a constant collapseplug-in Adobe Flash, the reason for this can be a banal shutdown. Let's figure out why this is happening and how to turn it back on.

The bottom line is that recently "Flash player"rapidly losing its popularity, yielding to the new system of HTML5, so some browsers by default set the Flash Player to the off state. To resume it, you need to do the following:

adobe flash always crashes

  1. Click on the "Menu" button of the browser.
  2. In the drop-down menu, select the item "Add-ons" or "Plug-ins" (depending on the browser).
  3. Find in the list of plug-ins "Flash Player" and enable it.

After that everything should be normalized.


In this article, we tried to deal withproblem Adobe Flash Player. We advise starting attempts to correct it from the very beginning, since they are arranged in order from the greatest chance of success to the smallest.

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