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Details on how to make glass in the "Maincrafter"

Today we will talk about how to make glass in"Meincraft." It is a very fragile, transparent block. You can even break it with your hand. Used in construction as a finishing material for windows and glass roofs. This material does not allow monsters to see our character, which means that it can be considered defensive.


how to make glass in maynkraft
First, let's tell how to make a colored glass,"Maynkraft" in its new versions also gives such an opportunity. The fact is that in the latest editions of the game dyes have been added. Using them on the glass, you can achieve color diversity.


Now let's move on to the direct detailedConsider the question of how to make glass in the Meincraft. To create this material, we need to burn sand in the oven. We place the component in the upper cell, and down we place the fuel; it can be a bucket full of lava; boards, coal. To make a stove, place the cobblestone on the workbench accordingly. Namely: in a circle, leaving a free cell in the center. In the process of creating the material we need, there are no difficulties, and the benefits from it are obvious.


how to make a color glass maynkraft
We can say that we are practicallyfigured out how to make glass in the "Meincraft", but you should know about its features. For example, using this material, we can create a bottle for water. We place on the workbench to the left and to the right of the center 2 glass blocks, and also 1 in the middle of the bottom row. We get the bottle. The next interesting product worth considering is the glass panel. At the core is our main unit. To create this element, we completely fill the workbench with glass blocks, except for the horizontal upper row. We get the glass panel. Let's create a daylight sensor. It will also require glass. We fill it with the upper horizontal level of the bench. In addition, the middle row is laid with quartz from the Lower World, on the remaining cells we place wooden plates. Get the sensor. Glass will help us create another interesting and rare block, which is called a lighthouse. On the bench from below we make a horizontal line consisting of obsidian. We place the star from the lower world in the middle. Next, the remaining space, which resembles the letter P, is filled with glass. Create a lighthouse. Thanks to this block, we can build incredibly beautiful designs, but you need to apply imagination. So we figured out how to make glass in the Maincrafter, and also for what purposes to use it.

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