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The most popular profession for a girl

profession for a girl
How many different specialties andposts! However, what are the professions for girls? After all, the times when women were engaged only in sewing and needlework, spent all the time in the kitchen and served the husband and children, considering this life the limit of dreams, long ago passed.

Modern representatives of the beautiful half of mankind strive to be on a par with men and in nothing they do not concede. This applies to the choice of profession.

Now there is very little in the labor marketpositions that women could not occupy. But there are relatively many of them on which it is absolutely impossible to meet men. Women tend to financial independence almost more than men, so about 70% of high-paid positions belong to them.

However, most business women have achieved theirsuccess in "women's professions". Yes Yes! Therefore today we will talk about what professions for a girl are at the moment the most in demand. However, we are not talking about all areas where the beautiful half of mankind can work, but only those that are prestigious and fairly highly paid.

List of professions for girls

list of professions for girls
1. Secretary. Usually for this "profession for a girl" higher education is required, knowledge of computer and languages, ability to handle people, get along with copying technology, speech must be literate, well-delivered, and appearance - attractive. The list of direct responsibilities mainly depends on the direction of the company's activities and management, but, as a rule, there includes analysis of documentation and reception of calls.

2. The economist / accountant. Perfectly suitable for those representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, which live communication is preferred by numbers and pieces of paper. However, these are such professions for a girl, in whom extensive work experience is required, a good baggage of knowledge in the field of jurisprudence and taxation, but all this is compensated by a good salary and, as a result, complete financial independence.

what are the professions for girls
3. Stylist / hairdresser / beautician. This is a very typical profession for a girl and quite profitable, if, of course, lucky to get a job in a prestigious salon. Requirements: the ability to communicate with clients, certain skills and an innate sense of style.

4. Call-center operator. In this profession for a beauty girl does not matter, since all the work is to advise customers on the phone. It is important to communicate, competent speech and stress resistance, as well as the ability to think outside the box in critical situations.

5. The designer. Experts in the field of design of sites and an interior, to a lesser degree of clothes and a landscape are now demanded. However, in order to succeed in this area, you need to have a well-developed imagination, a sense of style and ... communication - without them, it is impossible to break into this business.

6. Managers for personnel, tourism, advertising. This is a work for creative people, who, to all other things, have a good "suspended" language. Attractive appearance and a pleasant voice also plays an important role.

Please note that this is not a complete list of professions for girls, so try, experiment, look for yourself and your business!

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