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Knowing how to fill a resume is the first step to a successful career

The employer creates a first impression ofemployee before the meeting with him, scooping all the most important information from the resume. At first glance, the question of how to fill a resume does not cause any particular difficulties. The goal is clear - to briefly describe yourself and your professional skills.

how to fill a resume

However, against the backdrop of huge competition onthe modern job market, a simple free-form story about yourself no longer attracts the attention of the employer. Everything should be structured, understandable and clear, without unnecessary figures of speech, stylistic forms and lyrics.

Before you fill out a resume for work,it is necessary to get acquainted with the basic rules of its compilation. After all, this document itself is an indicator of many professional characteristics. In addition to the information that contains the text, which presents knowledge, skills, education and professional level, other parameters can be traced in the summary. This can be literacy, style of presentation, conciseness, concreteness of thinking. An experienced psychologist is always able to form a general opinion about a person in the text of a compiled resume.

how to fill a resume for work

To properly fill a resume for work, you need to consider that there are several ways to compile it.

In a chronological summary, biographical facts are providedin the order in which they took place in real life. And you should start with the description of the last place of work. The employer is more interested in what you have achieved to date than the detailed biography from the first steps. Although the professional way is certainly important and can tell a lot. Before you fill out a summary of such a plan, think about which stages of your professional activity are worth the most attention and what should be emphasized.

fill in a CV for work
A functional summary is not so important chronologyevents in the work activity, how much the fact of the presence or absence of certain skills and knowledge, the level of ownership of them. The most relevant here is the description of achievements in a particular field. This kind of presentation becomes relevant if the question arises as to how to fill out a resume, without advertising interruptions in the experience, a sharp causeless change in the form of the professional path.

In the combined resume(functionally-chronological) information is presented in proportion. The competitor prepares it according to the main milestones of the labor history, while at the same time detailing the envisaged achievements. This makes it possible to provide the most complete information and highlight key moments in a career.

how to write a resume

We suggest to familiarize with the schematic examplehow to fill out a resume. Pay attention to the main components (name, age, education, previous jobs, etc.), as well as the form of their submission.

Name: Maryanova Maria Ivanovna

Date of birth: June 28, 1984

Marital status: single, no children.

Contact tel: mob. 098-xxx-xx-xx


Purpose (desired position): the development of professional skills and the prospect of career growth in the field of media communications (mainly audiovisual). Desired salary from (specification) у.е. (The goal can be formulated more precisely, for example: "editor of TV programs" or "director of artistic and journalistic programs on television").


From 2005 - up to the present time - university (the full name of the organization where you work at the moment or worked recently).

From 09. 2009 to the present.

Position: head of the educational laboratory of television journalism.

Specialization: TV journalism.


- control over the process of TV production;

- organization and conduct of filming within the educational process with students;

- control and organization of preparation for the broadcast of the student news release;

- organization of the educational process (conducting academic studies, scientific and industrial practice with students-journalists) to create an audiovisual product.

From 01.2009 to 09.2009 - the Faculty of Journalism.

Position: assistant of the department.

Teacher of disciplines: "Technology of production of audiovisual product on television" (author course), "Studio Workshop", "Communicative Technologies", "Media Planning", "Branding", "Marketing Communications System", "Conflictology", "Psychology of Journalistic Creativity".

From 01.2006 to 01.2009 - the training laboratory of journalism.

Position: Lead Editor.


- preparation of the software product;

- organization and conduct of the shooting process;

- preparation of a script, scenario plan;

- installation of TV spots in the program "Adobe Premiere Pro";

- work with visual material in the editor "Adobe Photoshop";

- organization of educational process;

- formation and control of the archive fund of the television studio.

Basic education:

From 2001 to 2006

Educational institution: VUZ (the full official name of the institution in which they received their education)

Specialty: Journalism (Telejournalism)

Qualification: specialist

From 2006 to 2012 - postgraduate studies

Educational institution: (full official name)

Specialty: Journalism

2013 - defense of the candidate's thesis on TV journalism on the topic: "Theme name".

Professional skills and knowledge:

Creation of audiovisual product with the help of "Adobe Premiere Pro", "Adobe Photoshop", "Adobe After Effect".

Creation of journalistic materials, scripts,editing texts. Organization of educational process (teaching of disciplines in the field of social communications). Scientific activity (writing scientific articles, conducting scientific research).


A number of scientific articles in specialized publications.

You can read some of the publications on the following links:

(specify the sources for which you can get acquainted with any kind of publications, achievements, results of activities).

Knowledge of languages:

  • Ukrainian, Russian - free;
  • English with a dictionary;
  • Turkish - entry level, with a dictionary.

Personal qualities: sociability, stress resistance, creativity, responsibility, punctuality, diligence, diligence, initiative, I have the organizational skills, the ability to work in a team, to establish and maintain contacts, quickly learn new things.

Interests and hobbies: art, psychology.

Brief statement of professional skills and experience:

A job / activity related tothe opportunity to acquire new experience, use and develop existing knowledge and skills. The subsequent career and professional growth in the development of the company-employer. Willingness to consider any form of cooperation.

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