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Frequently asked questions on the interview: it is worthwhile to prepare in advance!

In rare cases, the process of employment passeswithout an interview. To get the job of your dreams, it is worth knowing in advance what the questions often asked in the interview are. Of course, much will depend on the company you are applying to and on the position you are applying for. But there are also the most common questions. Below is about them!

Questions frequently asked during the interview: the "About Me" block

It's clear that the recruiter read your resume, otherwisewould invite for an interview. But the request to tell about yourself in free form should not be refused, referring to the fact that the important one has already been described in CV. It is unlikely that the person with whom you are talking is a sclerotome. Just want to check how much you know the skills of self-presentation. After all, why do we need an employee who can not even present himself in a favorable light?

questions for the candidate at the interview

Often asked to talk about hobbies, hobbies. Do not say that you do not have time for them. A person who devotes only time to work, most likely, does not know how to correctly prioritize and, probably, will soon go to the hospital - to treat overwork. You can say that at leisure you like to read, to walk. This is completely neutral (unless you list Adolf Hitler among your favorite authors).

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Another issue is the inherent shortcomings anddignity. It's also better to speak frankly, but within reason. Do not tell me that you tend to be late. It is better to stipulate a shift in the schedule, if it is in practice practiced in the company. You should not say that you will take all careless workers to clean water. It is more correct to note that you are accustomed to notice all the little things, you can effectively assess the contribution of each of the colleagues in the common cause.

Questions frequently asked during the interview: the "Professionalism" block

You, naturally, will be asked about what you know andknow how. Do not try to talk about all of your talents. Emphasize those skills that will be useful in this position. The rest can be mentioned casually.

Can ask about what you have achieved in the previous work, how they grew professionally. Often asked about whether you made mistakes and which ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most likely, the recruiter will ask about why youleft the last job. It's better to diplomatically note that you want to work with real aces in this area, but do not say that all your colleagues were envious and self-taught, who did not know the alphabet in full.

Frequently Asked Questions: Interview

It's not uncommon for the interview to be openly provocativequestions, for example, about how often you lie. You may also be asked about your personal life. Do not respond abruptly. It is more expedient to ask how these issues intersect with the essence of the post.

Non-standard questions at job interview

They say that in the corporation "Google" asked questions such a plan:

  1. Outline a plan for the evacuation of the population of Chicago.
  2. Explain in 5 sentences the essence of the concept of "content management system site." It is necessary that you understand the woman of 60 years with a secondary education.
  3. How many bottles of shampoo will fit in the subway car?

Such and similar questions are usually asked of the candidate at the interview. Therefore, if you are ready at least for them, the chances of getting an interview will increase significantly.

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