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What should be additional information in the summary, recommendations for compiling

Correct resume writing when looking for a jobis an important point. Here is information about the applicant, describing not only his personal data, but also his professional skills. Correctly filled, this document aims to inform the potential employer about the information that will encourage him to provide the seeker with the desired position.

The form of drafting, basically, assumesbrevity of presentation. And if the basic information, where education is described, previous work experience and the like, usually does not cause difficulties, it is not clear to everyone what the additional information in the summary means.

Usually in this section put what is formatteddoes not fit into the rest, but, according to the applicant, you need to know the employer. Most often it concerns personal qualities. Leaving this box empty is not recommended, since it can only mean that there is nothing more to say about yourself, and after all the main purpose of the resume is to provide information in such a way as to interest the potential employer so that he or she will select this nominee from many similar ones. Therefore, some people highly appreciate originality and creativity in this section, especially if the future position assumes the presence of these qualities.

However, for many constituent summariesadditional information is the presence of such personal qualities as accuracy, stress resistance, punctuality, etc. Yes, of course, all this is important, but this filling is more like a banal formality, while not characterizing the applicant, and not revealing his personality.

Additional information about yourself in the resume shouldbe on the case and be related to the alleged position. So, here it is necessary to indicate the level of knowledge of foreign languages, marital status, computer skills (indicating specific specific programs needed in future work).

In addition, the "additional information"the summary suggests a description of the desired work schedule, you can note the readiness for business trips, a non-standardized working day. Here you can specify and receive at the moment additional education or passing courses on the specialty. However, this is stipulated only if the training is already under way, do not dedicate the future employer to your plans and write about what is planned, it is unlikely to appreciate it.

Some applicants believe that additionalThe information in the abstract includes a description of the hobby. If it somehow relates to future work and can characterize the jobseeker as a specialist, then it is worth mentioning about him. For example, applying for the position of a florist can mention the passion for indoor flowers. However, if to a future work free time does not apply, then talk about it is not necessary. So, it is unlikely that most employers will be interested in the fact that a candidate for managers likes diving or mountaineering.

It is not recommended to write very much. It is necessary to remember that the main thing here is laconism, as the recruiter usually spends less than a minute to read, especially if there are a lot of applicants in place. Consequently, in a few phrases, competently and clearly compiled, a large amount of information should be placed, giving an idea of ​​the writer who wrote about himself as an individual and peculiar person, suitable for the position.

Additional information in the summary may includein themselves achievements and awards, titles, bright and successful projects, which led the applicant. Reports or speeches at various conferences can also be listed here. However, it is not necessary to mention that the topic does not apply to the proposed work.

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