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Stewardess: what do you need for admission? What do you need to become a flight attendant?

It is not difficult to guess which profession is the mostromantic for girls - of course, it's the stewardess or, more correctly, the stewardess. Smiling beauties in strict uniform cause adoration for men and envy of girls.

stewardess what you need for admission

Many young girls think about the fact,to become an air conductor. But this profession is not taught at a university or an institute. Therefore, a logical question arises: "The specialty of the" flight attendant "- what is needed for admission, and most importantly, where to go?" What do girls learn during the courses for stewardesses, how much can they earn? What do you need to become a flight attendant in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan? Let's discuss this topic in this article.

The girl in the sky

what you need to become a flight attendant
Before we go directly to the possibilitiestraining, it should be noted that not everyone can become a flight attendant. There are fairly strict requirements for the selection of young ladies to work in the skies. Meanwhile, if you really want to be a stewardess, and having become acquainted with fasting, soberly assess your possibilities as small, do not be upset. If you have traveled by air, then you could note that not always on board work chiselled girls - are found among stewardesses and krepyshki, and a lady over 30 years old.

In any case, you need to look online, whether there are vacancies among the airlines, and send your resume. So, the work of the "stewardess" - what is needed for admission and where? Let's start with the exterior.

Do not drink water from the face

What do you need to become a flight attendant? There is no one-hundred-percent option for the right answer, but nevertheless appearance has, though not decisive, but very important. Most often, the airlines select girls from eighteen to twenty-five years old with such a height that it is convenient to reach the luggage rack (that is, not below 165 centimeters). In addition, the appearance of a girl should be pretty. You will not be taken to stewardesses if you have tattoos in a prominent place, piercings on your face, even large birthmarks or birthmarks. May prevent you from becoming a stewardess short boyish haircut or a very bright hair color unnatural color. Tattooing is not welcome. Separately, you need to say about weight. So, preference is given to fragile girls up to 60 kilograms. Airlines simply do not sew uniforms of large sizes, and in addition, the stewardess with lush forms will closely move between rows in the economy class.

stewardess what you need for admission and where

And one more logical explanation of why the airline is likely to refuse a girl weighing more than 64 kilograms - this weight is associated with health problems. But again, there are exceptions.

I went to the stewardesses, let them teach me!

You meticulously evaluated your external data and concluded that you will be a first-class stewardess. What do you need for admission?

So, the second important factor, because of whichmore than half of those wishing to become stewardess are eliminated, is health. The stewardess needs to withstand significant overloads, and the external beauty here no longer plays a predominant role. After all, the flight attendant has to change the time zones and climatic belts, to bear the pressure drops several times a day. If you have problems in the work of the cardiovascular, nervous systems, then physicians without a twinge of conscience will cut you off.

what you need to enter the flight attendant

When you pass all the traditional tests and examinations, you will also need to pass the test by turbulence.

A little bit about nerves

A healthy nervous system is anotherarrival to the stewardess. After you undergo a medical examination, you will also need to undergo special psychological testing. After all, the stewardess is responsible for the health and emotional state of passengers. We all want everything to be fine, and that's why the stewardess should know from "a to me" what to do in a freelance situation.

During the psychological examination, it is revealed how the girl is stable in her behavior, the thresholds of stress-resistance, the general emotional state.

What does it take to become a flight attendant in terms of psychological state?

So, you have every chance of getting intostewardesses, if you are a disciplined person with good organizational skills. You have to be responsible, easy and quick to navigate in an unusual and unconventional environment, fairly balanced. It is not necessary to think that the stewardess is only carrying drinks and smiling at the passengers flying to the south. In unforeseen situations (or more precisely, on the contrary, all situations are foreseen in advance and lost during training), the life of one or several passengers can depend on the actions of the stewardess.

Education and language skills

The stewardess's speech should be well-delivered, with excellent diction. However, if you do not have the experience of public speaking, nothing is wrong - it's being worked on.

what you need to become a flight attendant in Russia

And, of course, the stewardess should be on a sufficientlevel (know the level of the upper intermediate will be enough). Your honest word that the language you know will be small - future flight attendants must undergo testing, where you need to translate the text and show knowledge of grammar.

What kind of education should the futurestewardess? What you need for admission, it's either secondary or higher education. Preference is given to girls with medical, managerial education. True, your diploma will not play a decisive role. Do not forget about the passport - international flights will require its availability.

What does the future stewardess learn?

What you need for admission, we have already figured out. And what is taught to the flight attendant so that she feels easily and confidently in heaven?

what you need to become a flight attendant in Minsk

Of course, first of all on the shouldersflight attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety of passengers. How to be in case of emergency landing on land or water? What if a drunken passenger starts hooliganing, if someone reports that a bomb is on board? Girls should quickly and correctly navigate in any situation.

In addition, it should be noted that the workflight attendants in many ways akin to the work of the waiter. If you have had a flight with meals, you might have noticed that about an hour the flight attendants are moving in a narrow passage with a cart, serving passengers. Therefore stewardesses are trained in the basics of serving, serving food.

Stewardesses should also have an idea of ​​theplaces that visit, because also a short course stewardess are geography, where they get acquainted with the political and cultural characteristics of states.

What does the training consist of?

We figured out what it takes to become a flight attendant. In Ukraine and in Russia, the rules are, in principle, standard. How is the education plan built?

The courses last three months. The first part is of practical importance, the girls, in conditions of conditions as close to real as possible, learn how to provide first aid and how to behave in the event of an aircraft crash. In addition, future stewardesses learn their duties, which will need to be performed on board the aircraft.

The second part of the course is of a theoretical nature. Girls study the types of aircraft (flights are carried out on different types of aircraft), learn to establish contact with passengers.

At the end of the course, the girls must pass the examon special simulators, having received an assessment not lower than the "four". In addition, experience in flights of at least thirty hours with an instructor is also mandatory.

How much are courses for future flight attendants?

So, you already know what it takes to become astewardess. In Minsk, Kiev, St. Petersburg, Moscow or in another major city, contact the local airline office in order to find out about open vacancies. By and large the demand for stewardesses is always, because if you have suitable external data, your candidacy will be interested.

what you need to become a flight attendant in Kazakhstan

Training costs about 30-40 thousand rubles, but the girls will pay for training, working directly on the airline.

How much do stewards earn?

Of course, everything depends on the airline, in whichthe stewardess works. Luxury airlines pay girls' labor in 2000 - 3000 dollars, but we are talking about world carriers. At us, if you work for the Russian or Ukrainian company, it is possible to receive 500-1000 dollars a month. However, most agree that this is still quite a lot, given the average salary of a manager or an accountant.

What does it take to become a flight attendant in Kazakhstan? There are no special rules that differ from the above, but the salary there is even less - 300-400 dollars.

Disadvantages in the work of stewardesses

Many girls want to become stewardesses, becausethat they want not only to earn money, but also to look at other countries. In fact, everything is not so rosy. Most often, except for a short walk on a foreign airport girls do not have anything from their travels. In addition, frequent flights in no way contribute to the arrangement of personal life, because a young man or spouse is unlikely to tolerate a permanent absence of his chosen one.

We must not forget about the constant loads onhealth. Pressure drops, frequent changes in climatic and time zones are initially imperceptible, but after a few months they knock down the life rhythm of the girl, begin to have problems with sleep, nervousness appears. It is believed that migraine and some nervous disorders are a professional "attribute" of stewardesses.

And passengers who travel across the sky,far from angels. Flight attendants complain of frequent harassment from men, rudeness and rudeness. This, of course, is the case, but who will protect the young girl on board the aircraft? No one, only she herself must cope with the restless passenger, because it is part of her immediate task.

For this reason, stewardesses rarely stay for more than a year or two as stewardesses, and vacancies are often open. If you want to try your luck - try it!

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