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LLC "Megaline", cleaning company: employee feedback

It is difficult to choose a place for employment. But it is enough sometimes to read people's opinions about this or that employer in order to understand what he is like. What does "Megaline" (cleaning company) receive feedback from employees? Let's try to understand this issue. After all, in recent years, a lot of vacancies on the Internet are hosted by this corporation. And for that there are reasons. Should I pay attention to the company?

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What is it

LLC "Megaline" is a cleaning company that offers a variety of services. But the main thing is cleaning and keeping clean.

As a rule, very few people will agree to thiskind activities. It is often considered not the best. In addition, the cleaning company usually associates the work of cleaners. They, as practice showed, pay a little. And it takes a lot of work. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about the job placement, are you ready to work in the field of cleaning. Maybe this is not your sphere of activity.


Reviews about cleaning company "Megaline" peoplebegin to think about even from the moment when they see an advertisement on employment at the stage of finding a new job. Here you can say that things are not as bad as they could be. After all, the firm needs personnel from different directions.

Most often, of course, they recruit different kinds ofordinary employees, like cleaners, washers and laundresses. To these positions, few people agree. But people do not express special dissatisfaction. In addition, the company very often places vacancies of accountants and lawyers. You can say leadership positions! Yes, and a variety of managers, and consultants are recruiting. Very happy. It can be concluded that "Megaline" (cleaning company) reviews employees receives in most positive. True, this does not mean that it is worthwhile to immediately run and find work here. It is better to think several times.

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What lies ahead

For example, it is important to pay attention tointerview. In truth, they are divided, and very often depend on the region of residence of applicants. For example, "Megaline" (cleaning company) earns more positive reviews about the interview in small regions. And in large, they are somewhat worse.

Why does it come out this way? First, in small towns with you they will communicate almost on an equal footing. In big - with some arrogance. This is especially evident if you are a regular cleaning manager. Not everyone likes this attitude.

Secondly, in large cities, you are unlikely to tell all the details posted vacancies. And in small - easily. Plus, offices in such areas look much more comfortable.

But in general, LLC "Megaline" (cleaning company)The responses regarding the first meeting with the potential employer are getting pretty good. Do not forget to take your resume. Then no problems just arise, everyone will be satisfied. And remember that you will have to show yourself from the best side. After all, the selection of personnel in the firm is rather tough. Not the fact that they will call you back. As the candidates note, the decision to apply for a job is taken within a day after the interview. If you are not called, you may not wait at all.

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How much to work

With respect to the schedule, the corporation is not veryOK. LLC "Megaline" (cleaning company) reviews employees in this area, you can say, exactly the same as any large employer. They are not terrible, but they force 20 times to think before finding a job.

Why is it so? Firstly, there is no such thing as a working schedule for the employees. According to the documents, it is fixed, but in reality it does not. Secondly, you will be constantly called up on weekends (which, by the way, are rarely given) for work and replacement. Refusals are not accepted. Thirdly, it's simply impossible to wait for a break. So, as the candidates note, you will only have to work hard.

With regard to the length of the working day, toodiscontent is expressed. For example, many complain that initially promise a working day at 8-9 hours, and in the end it is 13-14. The difference is not paid at all. Not the best option, is it? So several times think, are you ready to go on such terms to become an employee of LLC "Megaline." Cleaning company this, perhaps, you will not work, and it's time to find yourself another employer?

Social guarantees

If we are to judge our current firm onlyon social guarantees (by the way, promised even at the interview), then we can say that the company should stay away. After all, no conditions in this regard will not be met. Unless occasionally you will pay vacation and sick leave.

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To achieve them, by the way, in general is almostis impossible. In addition, you will have to wait a long time to pay. The money will come, judging by the reviews, with a huge delay, and the payment will be several times less than promised.

If we talk about maternity, we can nothope for support from the employer. "Megaline" (cleaning company) reviews employees in this area gets terrible. Pregnant women are not only loaded with work, they are also forced to abandon their position altogether. In other words, they simply survive from work, but they do it so that there is nothing to find fault with. You either will be fired under the article, or will bring up to the statement at will.

In the case of part-time work or part-time work, you can not even hope for hospital money. You will not be given them even if you have a serious illness. For all it is necessary to pay from the pocket.

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Salaries in the company - a separate conversation. "Megaline" (cleaning company) reviews employees in this regard received and receives terrible for the huge deception that awaits all applicants.

Initially you are promised a salary of 15-20 thousandrubles, "white" payments, bonuses, allowances and other incentives. Practice shows that in the contract in the end will be indicated earnings of 8,000 rubles, a maximum of 10,000. And no premiums or extra charges you will not receive. All earnings will be "gray". So, to prove their case in case of what will be impossible. And all this, provided that it will take a lot of work.


About the manual, employees do not respond in the best waykey. Very often you can hear that the workplace is always reigning some tension and injustice. So LLC "Megaline" (cleaning company) - not the best place to work, if you do not have nerves of steel.

ooo megaline cleaning company employee reviews

Often, the subordinates are treated like slaves. Say a word against - and you will be fined. It is deducted from the salary. And so you can stay at all with nothing at the end of the month. The majority of workers assures that only those who have nowhere else to go to Megaline are going. And many of the staff here are migrants. So let everyone make their own conclusions for themselves.

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