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Work by bailiff: employee feedback

A bailiff is an official,executing the decision of either the court or other authorized bodies, and he must do this forcibly. For example, to collect a debt, evict, etc. This happens when the debtor does not perform his duties within the prescribed period.

Profession history

The post of "judicial officer" appeared in Russiaback in antiquity. However, in those distant times the representatives of this profession were endowed with different powers. For example, in Novgorod the bailiffs had to make peace with the litigants at the trial. And in Moscow these executive officials were assigned special assignments. This, for example, could be accompanied by foreign ambassadors. For this purpose, the natives of the most distinguished families were selected.

But in general, in Russia, the bailiff's job was to summon witnesses and defendants to the court, as well as to collect penalties.

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Since the end of the 15th century. and up to the 17th century. people of this profession were called "weeklings," since they performed their duties for weeks. They notified the parties of their summons to the court, as well as about the capture of criminals.

In the 18th century. such a post, as a bailiff, was abolished. All executive functions were assumed by the police. However, such a decision did not justify itself. After all, the police did not have a material interest in ensuring the attendance of invited persons to court. As a result, there are cases when such litigation lasted for years, since there were no witnesses, defendants or plaintiffs alternately at meetings.

A new era of bailiff service

Times of political change, developmententrepreneurship and changes in forms of use, disposal and ownership of property have made their adjustments to the system of enforcement proceedings. In 1997, the bailiff service revived in Russia. She entered the system of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. The creation of a special service was reflected in two federal laws. The first of them - "On bailiffs" - came into force on 6.11.1997. From the same day, the law "On Enforcement Proceedings" began to operate.

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However, in 2004 there was another reorganization of the Ministry of Justice of Russia. As a result, the Federal Bailiff Service of the Russian Federation was established. The Regulation on it was approved by Presidential Decree No. 316 of October 13, 2004.

To date, the bailiff serviceserves as one of the links of the system of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. At the same time, it is a structured and organized agency with a specific staff of employees. Subdivisions of this service cover all subjects of Russia.

Profession of the profession

To date, the work of a bailiffis often asked. Jobs for this position can always be found in the labor market. Of course, specialists in this professional field are issued by universities in large numbers. However, qualified bailiffs for today are a profession in demand. This is due to a fairly large amount of debts in the most diverse regions of our country. Where is the work of the bailiff? The experts' comments point out the possibility of finding employment only in the FSSP of the Russian Federation, its structural subdivisions, and so on.


What level of training does the work requirebailiff? The feedback of the employees of this service indicates that they need a diploma for obtaining a higher legal or economic education.


The bailiffs work in two directions. In the first of them, they ensure the order of the court. Such bailiffs accompany documents from the office to the courtroom and ensure the presence of all witnesses at the hearing. People in this profession follow the order and say the phrase: "Get up! The court is on! "What other requirements does such a job have from the bailiff? The opinions of the representatives of this specialty show that it is important for them to recognize the danger and criminal shade of everything happening in the courtroom in time.

The second line of activity of judicialbailiffs is the execution of decisions that have entered into force. These may be decisions of tax and judicial bodies, as well as organizations of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The powers of such bailiffs are fixed by the law of the Russian Federation. They include the actions necessary to arrest the debtor's property and its further sale in order to pay off the debt.

What is this work? The bailiff is sometimes in the office. Here he accepts citizens who want to collect or pay a debt. However, mostly he works outside the office. The perpetrator-executor goes to the houses of debtors to reveal their undeclared income, hidden property and the determination of the financial situation. And if citizens do not give money for fines for violation of traffic rules or for transport tax, then the representative of this profession must participate in joint raids with the traffic police.


Today, most defaulters go to differenttricks to evade the payment of debt. Someone pre-sells their property, someone leaves the apartment, taking things with them, etc. These actions do not allow the bailiff to collect debt obligations. In such cases, investigators are taken for the case. They look for debtors and study their financial capabilities. Only after this, and there is an opportunity to recover legally claimed funds.

What duties does the judicialbailiff-inquirer? Feedback on the work of these employees is confirmed by the fact that they, acting within the framework of the legislation of the Russian Federation, carry out the process of inquiry on the issues of recovery. And, as a rule, bailiffs-investigators conduct cases only for malicious defaulters. Among the powers of such a specialist is the possibility of initiating criminal cases on issues of evading decisions of the judiciary.

Psychological qualities

The bailiff is primarily an officiala person who is in the civil service. This circumstance also determines the psychological characteristics that a FSSP employee should have.

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It is not easy to work as a courtbailiff. The feedback from the staff suggests that attention and observation are the most important for them. These characteristics are of particular importance in the professional activities of bailiffs, guarding the premises of ships and advisory rooms. They also need to be monitored during the meeting, as they contribute to the security of the people being protected. These qualities include the ability of the bailiff to maintain steady attention for a long time. And it should be maintained, despite the external stimuli and fatigue. It is important for the bailiff and be able to allocate one's attention to several functions, tasks and actions.

People in this profession must havethe ability to observe not only one but also several objects at the same time, noting even minor changes in their behavior. What other qualities of character does the work in the bailiff service require? The feedback from the FSSP staff speaks about the importance of emotional and strong-willed qualities. They are necessary for the bailiffs in situations where the driving of persons who do not want to appear in court or to pay off the debt is carried out.

Emotional and volitional qualities are necessary for FSSP employees and when removing violators from the courtroom, suppressing and preventing crimes, etc. These characteristics include:

- self-control and balance in conflicts;

- emotional stability in the process of making a responsible decision;

- perseverance in overcoming the difficulties encountered;

- low suggestibility;

- maintaining high activity;

- the ability to objectively evaluate their actions, etc.

There is another important quality thatwork bailiff. Staff feedback emphasizes the importance of making an adequate decision in the most difficult working situation. To do this, the bailiff must have high intellectual characteristics. The representative of this profession often has to quickly navigate and make decisions in conflict situations.

For this, he needs qualities such as:

- the ability to recreate the visual image by verbal description;

- the ability to see at once not one version of the development of events and choose the most effective way out of the situation;

- the ability to determine the nature of information and make the right decision, even if it is impossible to fully comprehend it in a time of shortage.

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What other requirements does the work of the judicialbailiff? Representatives of this profession should have high communicative abilities. The knowledge of the characteristics of non-verbal communication is important to the staff of the FSSP. They will help to identify the possible intentions of the citizen by the external behavioral signs of the interlocutor (primarily emotional), and in time to stop his illegal actions.

Important for the bailiff and high personal communication characteristics. They are of great importance in conflict situations. These characteristics include:

- the ability to find the right form of communication and the necessary tone;

- the ability to exert convincing psychological influence on the interlocutor and neutralize his aggressiveness;

- the ability to play a major role during a conflict;

- the ability to coordinate their actions with the actions of others.

What other characteristics should havea bailiff-executor? Feedback on the work of FSSP employees indicate the need for good professional memory. After all, a person of this specialty needs to be able to recall the appearance of a person and operate with a large amount of information.

It's no secret that often the conflict is the workin the bailiff service. Staff feedback indicates that in these situations a well-developed response is helped by them. This quality will enable you to act quickly in various extreme situations.

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Comments on the work of bailiffs say that the most successful professionals of this case have:

- a certain life and work experience;

- interest in the interlocutor and his experiences;

- relaxed, persistent and self-confident;

- ability to resist;

- an active personal position.

Professional quality

What else does the bailiff put forwardrequirements? It is important for a person of this profession to properly perform their official duties. Excess of authority bailiff is a violation of the law. The legal framework in which an employee of the FSSP operates should be borne out by the desire to comply with legal norms and the formation of an appropriate stereotype of behavior. The discharge of bailiff duties is possible only with constant control over their actions.

What other characteristics should havea bailiff-executor? Reviews of the work of people in this profession say that they sometimes have to use special means or physical force in the framework of the law to persons who are in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication, and also to those who try to interfere with the requirements imposed on them. Such powers presuppose from the person their reasonable use, which must take into account the situation that has arisen, and so on.

The work of the bailiff is very tense. That's why a person who decided to devote himself to this profession, should have increased stress resistance.


Bailiffs are civil servants. Depending on the length of service and position, they are assigned class ranks.

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The lowest of them is a junior lawyer. The highest step in the career ladder is the work of the chief bailiff. Requirements for the candidate for this position, respectively, the most stringent.


As we see, the work of the bailiffimplies the implementation of a sufficiently wide range of powers. However, the salary of people in this profession is not too high. For example, a beginner specialist can hardly expect to receive an amount exceeding 15,000 rubles, which will include the official salary and monthly allowances (up to 60%) for special conditions of service.

More experienced staff, as well as supervisingthe composition of the FSSP is in a more favorable position. Their allowances to the salary can reach 150%. In addition, these specialists increase their income depending on the length of service. At the same time, the maximum allowance of this kind is at the level of 20% of the salary. The increase in wages also occurs with each assignment of the class rank.

A good addition to the official salary andthe existing premiums are premium. Their size is determined by the incentive system in force in each territorial body. Also, the amount of bonus payments depends on the number of cases actually executed.

Thus, the average salary of FSSP employees for the countryis in the range of 12 to 22 thousand rubles. How is the work paid by the bailiff in Moscow? Reviews of representatives of this profession allow you to judge that in the capital their wages are in the range from 18 to 26 thousand rubles.

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