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A sysadmin is who? We study the profession

So, today we will try to answer the question: "A sysadmin is who?" In addition, we will understand how much such a person earns, what he does, and how good and important his work in the modern world. After all, for each profession there is a place. Let's start with you soon to analyze our current topic.

sysadmin is who

The concept of

A sysadmin is who? Let's try to answer this question, but first we will decipher this concept. After all, the name of our current profession is far from being Russian abbreviation.

The thing is that the "sysadmin" stands foras a "system administrator". That is, this person is engaged in work with some networks. And since this is a computer profession, it's not hard to guess, such people will work with these machines.

A sysadmin is who? After we learned the full title of the post with you, it will be several times easier to disclose his duties and profession as a whole. So, let's try to do it. After all, before you start to work, it is always important to know what awaits us ahead.

What does

After we opened the concept a bit andfigured out the question: "The sysadmin is who?" - it is necessary to learn about the duties of such employees. Especially if you are interested in this profession. Perhaps, from you will "tear three skins" and demand huge works?

sysadmin notes

Not at all. In fact, the work of "sysadmin" is something that almost every user dreams about. You will have to configure the operating systems, reinstall, install software and connect equipment. It also includes setting up an Internet connection, treating the computer from viruses, protecting the system from a variety of infections. In general, everything the average user can do now.

In truth, the sysadmin, programs andcomputers are the three essential components of a given profession. Sometimes especially advanced system administrators are engaged in even programming. This gives them a significant advantage over other employees. Let's now see what pros and cons are there in this profession. After all, everything can not be so good, right? Then everyone would aspire to be a system administrator.


Well, let's start, perhaps, with negative moments. After all, it is they, as a rule, that make us think whether a certain place is suitable for us or not. Notes "The sysadmin is good or bad" is quite often found in many articles on the topic of work.

The first thing that should only be noticed ismandatory availability of assiduity in humans. Working as a system administrator, you will have to spend most of your time at the computer, without detaching yourself from it. Fortunately, for most modern users this is not such a disaster.

job sysadmin

In addition, system administrators are assignedgreat opportunities and, as a result, responsibility. After all, it is up to you to depend on the work inside the company, which runs on computers. Something will break-and you'll have to fix everything quickly and promptly. In cases where you know exactly what you are doing, do not be afraid.

Monotony of work and its monotony - here stillone significant minus of the chosen profession. Every day everything will be reduced to the fact that you come to the workplace, check the operation of computers, if necessary, configure the equipment, and then go for your workplace and carry out the instructions of the chief about setting up the PC. Very many such a schedule is very boring.


True, our current profession has a number ofpluses. They can be found by reading the notes "sysadmin - good or bad." In fact, there are much more positive sides here than negative ones.

The first point is the work schedule. Very often system administrators are hired with a free schedule, that is, on a call. When services are not needed, you come to the workplace, then check the operation of all equipment and leave. And sometimes you stay in your office and do your own business until your services are needed. And the salary all the same "drips".

The second point is the ease of work formost users. Modern people in computers are very advanced. That's why you can easily fix most of the difficulties that have arisen on computers without much trouble. If the work is "not dusty and simple", moreover, it brings a good income, then the employee will perform it at the highest level.

program sysadmin

It is also worth noting that in most casessystem administrators after the daily checks of equipment are left to themselves. You can drink coffee, play games (especially if the boss does not follow you, but provides a separate room), work on the Internet or chat with friends. All this is very favorable for your lifestyle. The main thing is not to "bend over the stick" and not start "to work to the detriment."

Plus, working on a computer ispredominantly mental work. You do not have to carry bricks, work in bad weather conditions and so on. Usually, employees are provided with their own offices, where you can drink tea, bask and just feel comfortable.

If you are not a supporter of communication with people, thenThe system administrator is your profession. All you do is work at the computer. With live people here contacting is minimal. Thus, this is a gold mine for closed personalities.

How much does it earn

And here is another important point. it wage. After all, every profession and position must somehow be paid. A sysadmin salary is a link from which, as a rule, the quality of a person's work depends.

The whole point is that if they demand from youhuge work for a small salary, then, of course, should be abandoned. The system administrator with part-time work, and freelance (called - came and repaired, went home) receives from 10 000 rubles a month. But the employees of even the smallest firms with a full working day or flexible schedule - from 20 000 rubles.

With all this, the more salaries, thethe better the system administrator will perform his duties. After all, then he will be interested in this. Thus, we can say that our current profession is a very profitable occupation.

sysadmin salary


Here is our conversation and came to an end. Today we learned with you who system administrators are, what they do, what pros have pros and cons, and how well paid the work of such employees.

As you can see, this "place" can come upmost advanced computer users. Honestly, the system administrator needs to learn. For example, in the specialty of "computer security". In addition, you can finish specialized courses to get a "crust". But sometimes you can do without it. That's all the case.

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