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Good qualities of a person that need to be indicated in the resume

When writing your resume, first of all, it is necessary to ask about the purpose for which this document is prepared. On this depends on which points need to make it a special emphasis.

good qualities of a person

In our case, it will be a question of writing a resumefor presentation to the employer. And the end result will be the receipt of the desired position. In this case, the characteristic must have not only dry excerpts from documents: passports, diplomas, work books, but also contain all the good qualities of the person that the applicant has. They will help the employer evaluate the candidate in full. And sometimes it even happens that much more attention is paid to assessing the business and personal qualities of a person than to his education and professional skills. Mostly this applies to posts that involve working with people.

There are several unwritten rules that need to be adhered to by adding personal characteristics to the resume:

- there should not be more than five positive features in this list;

all good qualities of a person

- all these qualities must by all meansmatch the position you are applying for. For example, for a secretary this is a beautiful and competent speech, diligence, accuracy. For the accountant - responsibility, high efficiency, the ability to think logically, communicability;

- It is worth avoiding templates. Such a characteristic risks remaining unread until the end;

- Do not list all the good qualities of a person you know. It will be enough to choose from three to five suitable definitions for you.

If you are at a loss to choose which onesgood qualities of a person are necessary for a particular profession, you can take on the arms of the two most valuable of them, which are necessary for every worker. This, first, high performance and, secondly, the willingness to work overtime. When writing a resume, you can write down the most common good qualities of a person that will be useful to any employee. It's initiative, honesty, hard work, lack of bad habits, resistance to stress.

personal characteristics in a resume

A summary can be made simply wonderful,in it can be listed the most good qualities of a person, which possesses the applicant. However, it should be remembered that the employer usually takes the final decision after the interview. And here it is very important to justify all the personality traits stated in this document, so as not to look like an absolutely honest person.

Since the first impression, as is known,most important, you need to seriously prepare for the interview. First, it is worth paying attention to the appearance. Clothes should be clean and tidy, it is better to stick to business style. Hairstyle also plays an important role. The more open the face, the more confidence in yourself is the person. Secondly, it is necessary to think in advance the answers to possible questions.

And, of course, a sincere and benevolent smile will complete your image and leave the employer with other options, how to take you to the desired position.

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