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Personal file of the employee. Personnel Alphabet

Personal file of the employee is a set of officialdocuments containing all the necessary information about this employee and information about all stages of his employment relationship with the employing organization - from admission to dismissal.

The personal business is started on the leaders,civil servants, specialists, as well as scientists (the rest are personal cards). It is kept for at least 75 years according to the rules of record keeping. Personal affairs of employees are registered in a special journal or accounting book and stored in a safe. Making a personal matter and making the necessary changes is the duty of the personnel department.

The work of each employee is stored in a separate folder, which has its own number, with the surname and initials, as well as the date of entry to work. The personal files of those who are fired are transferred to the archive of the institution.

The personal file of the employee must contain allinformation on the personnel question. It does not include documents that are supposed to be stored for 10 years or less. These include: copies of orders to change the name, disciplinary sanctions, the provision of leave, as well as information on the amount of wages or the composition of the family, medical, etc.

What documents are the personal file of the employee? Let's consider the mandatory list.

1. Application for admission to this place of work, it is written by the employee in an arbitrary form, indicating the position and the date of commencement of work. Then he is seen by the head of the HR department and the head of the organization.

2. The order (extract) on admission to this position, indicating the necessary information - the date of admission, the exact title of the post, the nature of the work (permanent or temporary, basic or part-time, with probation (internship) or without). Obligatory conditions such as non-standard or shortened working hours, liability, etc. are necessarily indicated. Based on this order, entries are made in official documents (for example, a work record book).

3. The order (extract) on dismissal with the obligatory indication of the article of the Labor Code and the reason for dismissal, with reference to the statement of the employee or (with the dismissal of the "article") a memorandum.

4. Personal sheet (other form - questionnaire) of accounting personnel. Filled by the applicant at the time of entering the workplace and checked by the responsible employee. It is a list of issues related to age, education, qualifications, work experience, marital status. The passport data is mandatory. The personal leaflet must be filled out on the basis of the available documents (passport, work record book) accurately and without corrections. A picture is pasted into it.

5. Copy of the employment contract (if any).

6. Autobiography - written by the employee in an arbitrary form, the main data about the date and place of birth, education, work experience. Other (previous) jobs are listed in chronological order. Usually indicates the reason for dismissal from the last post. Personal information that is not related to work activity is not included in the autobiography.

7. In addition, the employee's personal file may include a resume (if any). This short (the size of one sheet) justification of the applicant for a vacancy (which gives him the right to apply for this position). The resume indicates the education, work experience in this or similar position, the reasons for seeking a place (sometimes the desired salary level), the availability of additional benefits - the possession of foreign languages ​​and computer, driver's license, documents on the upgrading of skills, etc. Often the employer demands to indicate the main, in the opinion of the candidate, character traits important for the forthcoming activity (for example, initiative, responsibility, diligence). At its core, the summary is a brief self-advertisement.

8. Another personal file contains copies of documents on education, passports, birth certificates of each child, and (if any) characteristics and recommendations from other places of work.

In the folder with the personal file must be mandatorythere is an internal inventory of personal documents, reflecting their ordinal numbers, the date they are included in the case. All changes in the number and composition of documents are reflected in the notes to this inventory.

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