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How to find a new job: effective advice

Are they firing? Have fallen under the contraction? Have you decided to change a profession or a job? Now you will learn how to find a new job without risking your own well-being.

how to find a new job

Work part-time

Situations are different, for example, you want to increase your income and look for an additional source of income. Let's figure out how to find a new job, being in the old place.

There are professions and positions, part-time work forwhich is prohibited by law. Probably, you were warned about this at the stage of hiring, so think a hundred times before looking for a job on the side. At the same time, keep in mind that part-time is not a one-off, but a regular job in your free time. It is regulated by labor law.

There is a situation where the prohibition of borrowers- whim of the employer. Usually this moment is fixed in the employment contract, but has no legal force. Most often, the employer is aware of the illegality of this restriction and looks at part-time workers through his fingers, because in case of a summons to court, the truth will not be on his side.

The only thing that threatens you in caserevelations - the spoiled relations with the heads. Weigh all the pros and cons. Think about how much you value this place and whether it is worthwhile for it to hold, if the employer violates your rights.

Internal and external cooperation

So, where to find a new job? For you, there are two options: explicit, when the employer is aware of your plans, and secret, when you decide to hide from the authorities the presence of your second job.

In the first case, an excellent optionpart-time work can be in your company - this is called internal compatibility. Voice the leadership of your desire, perhaps you will meet halfway.

In the event that you decide not to advertise the search for a second job, none of the employees should know about your intentions, the likelihood that the information will reach the superiors almost one hundred percent.

Change of profession

help you find a new job

At any age, with any position and level of income, a person can decide to change a profession. According to statistics, about 40% of Russians are ready for such drastic changes.

The first thing you need to be sure is that it's notmomentary impulse, caused by fatigue or disagreement with the authorities, but a balanced and deliberate decision. A sharp change of profession is a complex process, and if you have a lot of experience working in a certain field, then the difficult one is doubly difficult.

The main mistake of most job seekers is thatthey do not know what they really want. Forums are littered with posts, where people who have spent dozens of years in some sphere ask for advice on changing directions. Can someone know better than you yourself what your calling is? We are not going to discuss the technology of revealing hidden talents, there is a lot of good material about it in the network. Let's talk better about the pitfalls.

You should understand: any field of activity is a track. The longer you ride it, the deeper it gets and the harder it gets out of it. You gained a certain professional weight, gained reputation and client base? Maybe you should think about your own business?

In a new place, you have to start everything from scratch,possibly with the lowest paid position. It is possible that you will learn the basics of young colleagues, and your leader will be much younger than you. Are you able to adapt in such conditions? Can you feed the family at the initial stage?


I will find a new job

If you are not afraid of difficulties, you are aware of the risks andready for change, try to realize your plans with the least losses for the family budget and the nervous system. Perhaps a good option would be to look for work in related fields. So you can use the accumulated knowledge and experience.

An excellent option would be to work in the desired field or part-time. When the situation in the new place is strengthened, you can quit your main job and completely surrender to your favorite business.

It will be useful to attend seminars, go through additional training, especially if your current job has nothing to do with the activities that you plan to do.

how to find a new job in 40

Dismissal due to staff reduction

Yes, it happens. They cut even successful specialists. The first thing that every employee thinks, received a warning from the employer and recovered from the blow: "Will I find a new job?".

The main thing is not to get discouraged. The first place to look for a job is your field of activity and related areas. In passing, notify all relatives and friends that you are in search.

If, despite the dismissal, the relationship with thethe employer is good, agree with him on the possibility of absenteement during interviews during working hours. Most often, the management goes to meet the employee. In some companies this point is stipulated in the employment contract.

It is not out of place to consider a plan of action in caseget a job on the specialty will not work. Remember your hobbies and talents. Perhaps it's time to turn a hobby into a profession? Prepare several variants of the summary in the directions in which you could realize yourself.

how quickly to find a new job

Dismissal at will

If you are not satisfied with the working conditions, it is worthstart looking for a new place, but you do not need to leave until you find the right one. You can put your financial well-being under attack if the search lasts longer than you planned.

Safety precautions

Some try to blackmail the leadership,hinting at him for possible care and trying to improve the working conditions or raise wages. This can work if you are a really valuable and irreplaceable employee. Otherwise, you can immediately point to the door, which is already waiting for applicants for your post. Start the search without notifying the company's employees and attending the interviews in their spare time.

If you decide to "burn bridges", then create a small financial stock, which will allow you to hold out in the process of finding work.

where to find a new job

Job search

Speed ​​is one of the main criteriaeffectiveness of your efforts. The more active you are, the faster you will find employment. Often, people who are left without work are immersed in household chores, taking on the responsibilities of housewives. It may be the first time to please, but, in the end, can lead to serious psychological problems, especially for men.

Do not panic and do not get discouraged if left out of work. You can find a new job in 40. As you customize yourself, so will your search.

Below are some tips on how to safely and quickly find a new job.

how to find a new job while on the old one

Cheat sheet of the applicant

  1. Try to increase the chances of success by notifyingall friends and relatives that are in search. This simple measure can save you further trouble, perhaps someone from close friends or relatives will help find a new job.
  2. If you are already unemployed, get registeredin the center of employment at the place of residence. This will provide you with a small extra income for the search time and useful information about new jobs in your area. The employee of the center will regularly inform you about holding job fairs and meetings with employers. In passing, on the basis of the center, you will be able to take free refresher courses or master a new profession.
  3. Do not relax, save your working mode: get up at the same time, plan the day and try to follow the schedule clearly. Realize that finding a new place is your job now.
  4. Do not waste time on social networking,computer games and reading articles such as "How to find a new job on Feng Shui" or "How to attract work?". Planting a rutabaga in the wealth zone and shamanic rituals will not increase your chances of success.
  5. Create for each line of activity, which you consider as your possible, your own resume. Place them on all the job search portals you can find.
  6. If necessary, restrict viewingThe resume of the company in which you work at the moment. This will not give an absolute guarantee of security, but there is a chance to remain unnoticed. You can not specify the last name and last place in the resume, only designate the scope of work and experience.
  7. Do not look for work from a workercomputer and do not use the e-mail for distribution. In many companies, the security service regularly checks what employees do during working hours: monitor outgoing files and the history of visits to third-party sites.
  8. Learn how to filter out offers of fraudulentcompanies. If you, after reading the text of the vacancy, could not understand what the organization does and you still promise fabulous profits, do not waste time. As a rule, such firms position themselves as transnational corporations, which on the eve of establishing world domination allow you to jump into the last car and grab your piece of cake.
  9. Train, gain experience. Try to go to all the interviews that you are assigned. You will learn how to communicate correctly and confidently with representatives of HR-services, answer uncomfortable questions, take tests, accept refusals and deny yourself - this increases self-esteem.
  10. Great temptation to accept the first offerthe employer? Agree if it really meets your requirements. Otherwise, you will miss the chance to find a good job. You will lose mobility and will not be able to go to work hours for interviews, each time you will explain to a potential employer why you are looking for work once you have recently settled down.
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