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Director for Development: job description

On how professional the director fordevelopment will perform its duties, the success of the enterprise largely depends. Therefore, candidates for this position are subject to high requirements, which may vary from company to company.

Requirements for a candidate:
Director of Development

  • higher education (legal or economic);
  • seniority in management for 3-5 years;
  • knowledge of the market economy, the foundations of entrepreneurial activity, theory and practice of management, marketing, micro and macroeconomics, business administration, finance.
  • ability to compile an enterprise development plan;

The Director for Development must be perfectlyown methods of economic modeling and modern management systems of the company, as well as have an idea of ​​the basics of production technology, administration, sociology and psychology.

Director for Development: job description

development director job description
The duties of this specialist includedefinition of the overall concept of the company's development. The development director should justify the objectives of the enterprise, develop an effective development plan and strategy, and analyze the possibilities of financial security. After the projects are approved by their superiors, the employee must prepare all the documents necessary for the implementation of the plan, and also introduce the innovations of the colleagues involved in the project. The job description of the director for development also implies that he will appoint people responsible for carrying out certain tasks and coordinate the execution of the plan. It also needs to set budgeting priorities and assess all significant commercial and production processes.

For each development project, it is necessary to compute the effectiveness calculation. The basis is taken by financial and economic indicators at each stage of the project implementation.

Based on the data received, the development director should prepare projects for the modernization of the enterprise and for the development of new lines of business.

In the competence of this specialist is the development of techniques for responding to non-standard and crisis situations.

Rights of the Director for Development

job description of the director for development
The employee has the right to receive a fullinformation, incl. commercial, on the performance of the company. On demand, he can get all the information and all the documents he needs for work. Management must provide it with all the necessary technical means.

The employee has the right to issue orders related to the development of the enterprise, as well as to visualize and sign documents that are within his competence.

The development director can get acquainted with the criteria by which the quality of his work is determined, as well as with the documents defining his duties and rights.

In general, the duties provided forThe person holding this position differs in different companies. Some enterprises employ several specialists, each of whom is responsible for his own path:

  • marketing and sales;
  • development of new territories and directions, development and research;
  • organizational development and management.
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