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Prospective professions: forecast for 5-8 years

The labor market changes every year, sometimes tounrecognizability. The future specialists, those who are now choosing the future profession, should look at the five years ahead and realize which faculties receive promising professions, and on which even the teachers themselves, the professors admit that they do not expect anything good in the future with such a profession.

At one time universities in large numbers (more thanit was necessary) issued lawyers and managers. Even some technical schools have changed their curriculum for the sake of introducing new professions (for example, a manager in industries).

Many at that time (ten years ago) wentlearn from economists and psychologists. Some were able to find good jobs in private firms, most had to be content with a small salary in budget organizations.

Yes, the issue of choosing a profession is important not only withpsychological point of view (suitable - not suitable), but also in terms of your value in the labor market. After all, everyone wants to be not only a highly paid specialist, but also in demand (so that there is no fear of losing a job and not finding another).

Before you name the most promising profession in Russia, you need to determine what areas of life have begun to actively and rapidly develop.

Emerging Spheres

First, pedagogy: the state has not in vain devoted the recent years to the restoration of the image of the Russian teacher. Yes, the teacher still can not get a decent payment. But he already does not fall below the poverty line. The state effectively eradicates this problem due to a significant increase in salaries, various bonuses for merits in professional activity, due to the opportunities for self-realization (if you want to write work, you want to - a new training course - everything can be sold and received not only good payment but also recognition).

Secondly, Russia is actively developingbanking system. And now, such specialists as brokers are really in demand: they are treated with less bias and much is being done (mainly through private brokerage firms) to eradicate common myths. The readiness of the latter to cooperate not with the borrower or the depositor directly but with his competent (who knows all the subtleties of banking products) representative is especially important in the chain of relations "client-broker-bank". The need for such specialists will certainly grow, because the Russian person still has a lot of effort to apply to accept bank proposals. Financial institutions today offer promising professions: from an ordinary bank employee to a financial director.

Thirdly, judging by the filled regimentnumerous pharmacies in Russian cities, pharmaceuticals has also become one of the most actively developing industries. Hence the need for medically competent specialists. Mankind has always seen its future in the latest developments.

Fourth, development was no less significantinformation technology, let's say, IT-boom. It is difficult to imagine how many new posts have been introduced recently in the field of information and communication technologies (media glider, web designer, copywriter). Many PC users and the Internet have been able to realize themselves in this area and are very satisfied with the results of their activities, including recognition. And since the World Wide Web does not have borders, there are plenty of places for everyone for very long years. The sphere of ICT, of course, conceals in itself really promising professions.

Other reforms are also in full swing (the police and other budgetary organizations came under the authorities' attention). The country is developing, and we must keep pace with progress, only we need to choose a direction.

Latest research

The numerous studies carried out make it possible to name the following promising professions safely:

  • in the sphere of politics (however, competition here is high, if not more);
  • jurisprudence (lawyers will always be needed, given the unformed nature of the legal consciousness of Russian citizens, again, competition does not allow everyone to reach the heights);
  • in the field of management is still a shortage of qualified managers;
  • in the field of economic knowledge, accountants and competent economists will always be required.

However, considering the most promising professions, one should not forget about working specialties. If we compare the salaries of ordinary specialists and workers, say at a factory, the difference is not in favor of the former ...

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