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Assistant Teacher: Requirements and Opportunities

Each parent, giving the child to a kindergarten,worries about whether teachers will be qualified, attentive and sensitive. But no less important are the qualities and other personality, during the day being with the child. Assistant educator, or simply nurse, - an indispensable person for children who visit the group (especially toddlers).

Education, length of service, of course, are welcome whenemployment. But the main qualities that a teacher's assistant should possess are love of children, mindfulness and patience, accuracy and cleanliness. Even a young girl who graduated from high school can receive such a position if she possesses these qualities. Of course, diligence is also necessary, because there is much work to be done.

So, the assistant tutor of his dutyPerforms from 8.00 to 16.30 every day, except Saturday and Sunday. The working day starts with getting breakfast and cooking the table. After eating, you need to clean everything, wash the dishes, hold a wet cleaning in the locker room, bedroom, toilet. Help the educator to collect children for a walk. During the absence of children in the group, it must be ventilated and cleaned. Before getting dinner, spread out the bedding for an afternoon nap, since after lunch time it will not remain. Perhaps the tutor will have any requests, which must also be taken into account and, if possible, implemented.

Assistant Educator
It seems nothing special, but this list does notthe everyday nuances with which the caretaker's assistant collides are taken into account. In the manger, children can not yet control urination and defecation. Therefore, the nurse often have to wash and change children, and also wash clothes, because by the evening it can not be saved by any bleach. In the middle and older groups also added their nuances that require attention and nurse intervention. A small break comes after the dishes are washed and cleaned after lunch. At this time, the children are asleep, and you can relax a little. Then the afternoon snack, another cleaning - so comes to the end the working day of the nurse. Unfortunately, such important duties performed by the caretaker's assistant are completely inconsistent with wages. But, by the way, educators also receive a small reward for their work.

What attracts in such a complex work asassistant tutor? First, no special education is required. Secondly, free evenings and a normalized working day. Thirdly, the conditions of work in warmth and comfort. Fourthly, the opportunity to do what you love is to be with children. Many nannies eventually receive a pedagogical education and transfer to the position of educator.

Assistant Teacher jobs
It happens that this work is done by the mothers of those children who visit this same group. Then the child goes to school, and Mom remains in the garden - got used to it.

So, if you liked the professionassistant tutor, vacancies will be found in any city and district. Especially at the beginning of the school year, when groups are formed, specialists leave the vacation, and the kindergarten is filled with children after summer holidays.

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