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Professional and personal qualities. Business and moral qualities of the manager

Each person is not just a biologicalobject, but also a person with his own views, attitude towards the world and those around him. Conditions for the fullest development of the individual and his best qualities - moral and professional - must create a society. A person, satisfying the needs for self-development, self-improvement and self-actualization, moves forward and benefits the self and others.

professionally personal qualities

What moral and professional-personal qualities should prevail in a harmoniously developed individual? Let's consider in more detail

Old look at a new way

For a long time there was an oppositionprofessional and personal qualities of a person. They were at different poles. What distinguished the people of one profession from the workers of the other, and was considered professional qualities. This view is somewhat outdated.

professionally personal qualities of a teacher

In a business environment, there is no longer a division between a person and a professional. There was a union. Now, professional-personal qualities exist in conjunction with each other. Let's talk about this in more detail

Professionally significant personal qualities

As already mentioned above, they are characterized by universality, regardless of the specific profession and type of activity, and complement each other.

Any qualities do not suddenly appear out of nowhere. They need to be formed in a person. Something is pawned from the birth of parents, something occurs later: in school, in the institute, in the process of building a career.

If we talk about professionalism, it is notonly a set of technical working skills. A great role is played by a person's personal qualities, his moral principles. After all, he does not live in a vacuum, but communicates with other people. And for this, we need interaction on a personal, human level, and not on the official level. The more interesting the interlocutor, the better the conversation and its outcome will be.

business qualities of the manager

Ideally, professional and personal qualitiesspecialist should complement each other. We must strive for this. Therefore, everyone's task is to develop their personal qualities and to do so that they help in the professional sphere.

Self-confidence, focus on results, creativity, ability to own emotions, goodwill: the list can go on for a long time. All this has long been professional and personal qualities.

Difficult choice of managers

Strict competition literally makes one possessnot only the highest qualification in their field, but also a whole set of human qualities. Ideal situations are rare. Not always in one individual is present and both. You can be an excellent specialist with a lot of diplomas and courses, but unbearable or, worse, a mean-spirited person. Or, on the contrary, a decent, kind, gentle person, but his level of professionalism is rather weak.

moral qualities

Then the employer has to do hardchoice. In the case of direct work with clients, it is best, of course, to focus on personal characteristics and moral qualities. Since the lack of professional knowledge can be filled in the process of work, and it is almost impossible to make a calm and judicious person out of a rough and unbalanced person.

Personal indicators

Moral qualities play an important role in anyactivities. They help build relationships with colleagues, subordinates or staff, and also work more effectively with clients. If an employee is able to find an approach to the customer, understand his problems and help, he will be much more willing to come and more, and this will affect sales, his salary and company incomes.

For a long time there was an opinion that business can notto be honest, which means that everyone who does it, deceives, lies and disingenuous. This view remains so far. Practice shows that honesty is not just important and necessary, but also profitable. This works for the image of the company and the person.

Moral qualities are divided into negative(vices) and positive (virtues). Generosity, kindness, conceit, stinginess, magnanimity characterize both the person himself and those who represent him or support him.

How to manage competently

Professional and personal qualities and moralprinciples (in relation to business and work environment) are important not only for employees. First of all, they must have a leader. He is an example for his employees, partners and customers. A leader is essential for effective management.

professionally significant personal qualities

Professional and personal qualitiesthe leader needs to develop in himself. The ability not only to motivate oneself to work, but also to guide others, lead the team - that's what distinguishes a real leader from just a boss with an armchair and position.

Let's list some necessary business qualities of the head.

Competent planning

In any business, and in business especially, skillpredict and anticipate the situation is a big plus, helping to avoid possible problems in the future. For the leader and the leader this is one of the basic qualities. Not only are the situations planned, but also expenses, incomes.


The leader, who maximally trusts his subordinates, does not hide the current situation from them and strives to solve the emerging issues together with the team, will always be in a more advantageous position.

Personal example

The manager's business qualities must bethe standard for his subordinates. He leads his example. To do this, the leader educates in himself and develops positive qualities, while the negative tries to eradicate.


In the relationship between the superior and the subordinatethere must be respect and fair treatment of the latter. No humiliation of honor and dignity. Never scold a subordinate with the whole team. It is better to solve all the questions in private, with closed doors.

professional and personal qualities of the manager

With this approach, one can not worry about the climatea team. Every worker will know that his actions, decisions and actions will be evaluated fairly and objectively. In this case, the initiative of employees will grow, the desire to do something will increase. With the opposite approach of the leader, insult, misunderstanding, dissatisfaction, anger, depression and pessimism are guaranteed. Of course, this can not positively affect a person's work activity and the work of the collective as a whole.

Adequate self-esteem

The manager should be able to evaluate not onlyothers, but myself. The danger can be both underestimated and overestimated perceptions. Work under the guidance of a superior with an overestimated self-esteem, believing that he can not be mistaken simply by definition, is very difficult. Most likely, there is a staff turnover in such collectives, which does not contribute to the work.

The teacher is always right

The leader is not only the director at the firm orlarge enterprise. This status has and the teacher. He also directs the team, but special, children's. This is sometimes more difficult than working with adults.

In the work with children, the professional and personal qualities of the teacher are especially important. He is responsible not only for himself, but also for his pupils.

professional and personal qualities of the manager

Here it is necessary to take into account both professionalrequirements for the teacher as a specialist in a particular subject, and human qualities. Love for people, and especially for children, is one of the main. Understanding of the child's problems, his mental state, empathy, tact, respect for his opinion and real help - the professional and personal qualities of the teacher.

Any children's, adolescent, youthful collectivepresents many surprises. Children are active, mobile, stubborn. The teacher's task is not to fail, to be able to restrain his negative emotions, to remember tact in dealing with difficult children.

Very important is the teacher's fairness when analyzing children's pranks and conflicts. Subjectivism and bias are unacceptable!

The teacher is the organizer in the life of schoolchildren, students, an active personality, a creative person. He is always ahead. Behind him I want to go, to imitate his words, actions.

The teacher must be competent in many areas, constantly improve his level, both subject and cultural.


Thus, the importanceprofessional, personal, moral and business qualities of each employee, both the leader and the subordinate, is obvious. They directly affect success in working life, business, career building, networking and interaction with other people.

Therefore, it is necessary to constantly improve, to study at various courses, seminars and trainings.

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