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Certification of cadastral engineers: features of the procedure

Changes in the legislation touched uponcertification of cadastral engineers. Because of this, the number of people wishing to work in this specialty has decreased. There is a norm, which regulates the verification of knowledge and experience of the procedure of employees. Certification of cadastral engineers can improve the efficiency of the enterprise.

Basic concepts

The exam is organized to test knowledge and experience,which is required by an engineer for high-quality performance. For this, SRO (self-regulating organizations) operate on the territory of the country. In addition to certification, the work of cadastre engineers is monitored.

certification of cadastral engineers

The employee must have a university degree inhis profile, successfully passed exam, and the availability of experience. Applicants for work should have a seniority of 2 years as an assistant. An important requirement remains constant retraining, which should be no less than 1 time in 3 years.

The engineer should not be disqualifiedpunishment for violations of the law or conviction. The employee must have a contract of compulsory insurance of civil liability. This is necessary to compensate for losses that were inflicted on individuals. Only when these requirements are met, certification of cadastral engineers is conducted.

The concept of

What does this profession mean? The cadastral engineer is a subject performing cadastral work on the basis of the issued qualification certificate. The activity itself presupposes land surveying. The specialist establishes the boundaries of land ownership, implements land surveying plans, and also prepares the necessary documentation for registering ownership.

questions for the certification of the cadastral engineer

Until 2011, such work was carried outland surveyors. In comparison with them, cadastral engineers are responsible for the established shortcomings. Thanks to the appearance of the profession, the efficiency of work has increased, and the design of documents has become easier.

Qualification certification of cadastral engineersallows you to obtain a document confirming the possession of the necessary knowledge, skills, skills. When the exam is completed, a certificate is issued. The information about the engineer is entered in the state register.

Why is this required?

Many people want to do this work, but not allthere is the necessary knowledge for this. The law prohibits the conduct of activities without passing an examination. Certification of cadastral engineers allows you to establish how an expert fits his job. Often the identification of shortcomings is necessary for timely upgrading of qualifications through special programs.

commission for certification of cadastral engineers

Certification of cadastral engineers is carried out forobtaining new knowledge and skills by specialists. Regular training allows to upgrade the qualification in accordance with international requirements. Employees are studying information technology, regulatory legal and land-property knowledge. They are also introduced to modern geodetic equipment.

Existing standards

According to the legislation, cadastral work canbe performed by an individual if he has a qualification certificate. Previously, a specialist should have had any professional education, but now only a higher profile is required.

Under previous laws, certificates were issued by bodiesexecutive power. They also organized a qualification commission for the certification of cadastral engineers. When the changes were made, this work moved to the SRO. If you had to get a certificate once, you should go retraining every 3 years.

Order of procedure

At the event, no written ororal interrogation. To test knowledge, a test is used. Questions for the certification of a cadastral engineer are related only to the profession. They can be found on the website of Rosreestra. The exam uses automated systems. The program part of the event is approved by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation.

qualification certification of cadastral engineers

How does the Cadastral Appraisal Commission work?engineers, is established by Rosreestr. He also chooses a list of necessary documents and rules for the issuance of certificates. The composition of the commission is approved by the SRO. If the test task is solved, then the exam is completed.

The test is carried out for 2 hours. During the testing of knowledge, the engineer must provide answers to 80 questions. Attestation will be passed if the correct solutions are not less than 64. You must come to the exam a little earlier. The secretary is registered in the system. The tasks are checked for 5 days, after which a certificate is issued.

Exam preparation

Before the event, the engineer has the rightpassing a special program. You can use remote technologies. For preparation, a minimum of 250 hours is allocated. The program for improving the qualification level lasts 16 hours, after which you can take the exam.

qualification commission for certification of cadastral engineers

Because an engineer needs to have a rich horizon andmany skills, it is necessary to increase the duration of the auxiliary programs. Since their volume is more than 500 hours, it takes about 6 months. The program is effective for 40 hours a week. After receiving the certificate, the employee confirmed his level of knowledge, and therefore he can continue his activities.

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