/ How to fill in the application form and get the desired place?

How to fill in the application form correctly and get the desired place?

Finding a job is not always easy, but much more difficultpass the interview and interest the potential employer. Many companies to simplify the selection of personnel offer all applicants to fill out a questionnaire of the established pattern. Why do you need it if you already have a resume? How to properly fill out a questionnaire for work and ensure that you are invited to an interview?

Is the questionnaire so terrible?

How to fill in the application form correctly
Many applicants, seeing a list of templatesquestions, feel serious competition and quite often at this stage they refuse to apply for work in this organization. And this is a big mistake, the questionnaire is used exclusively as a tool for sifting low-skilled employees. If you are offered to leave general information about yourself, this does not mean that besides you, dozens of other specialists will fill the same document. Never refuse this procedure, you have spent your time on a visit to the office or correspondence with company representatives, so bring the matter to the end. Some people prefer, instead of learning how to properly fill out a job application, send your resume. It is also a wrong policy, in any organization, its orders, and if you plan to work in it, you need to follow them. If you think that in addition to the questionnaire is important resume, just pin it to the questionnaire or send two documents together by e-mail.

How to fill out a job application form: general provisions

Application for work completed sample
If you fill out the document by hand, writelegible, even in block letters. Try to observe the rules of the Russian language and not allow corrections and mistakes. At the time of filling, concentrate on the questionnaire. It is desirable to answer the truth and only the truth. Some companies specifically offer applicants to fill out a questionnaire in which some issues are related. This is a kind of check on the honesty and reliability of information. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to clarify them with the specialist who issued you the list. It will be even better if you are given an example of a completed job application form. Make a crib at home - write down your previous work record with dates of dismissal and employment up to the day, do not forget about contacts of top officials from previous places.

Special tricks of filling the questionnaires for work

An example of a completed application form for work
Many employers like to put applicants indeadlock questions about the personal. Hobbies, height and weight, strong personality qualities - all this can include a questionnaire for work. A filled sample in such places may have dashes. What to write? Most importantly - never leave lines empty and do not put dashes. But greatly exaggerate their merits are not worth it. If you do not have a hobby, write about what you were interested in earlier. The same applies to personal qualities, you can tell about your punctuality or responsibility. How to properly fill out a job application form, if you are asked to tell about your negative aspects? It is also better not to lie, but it is not worthwhile to frighten a potential employer too much. Write 1-2 and not too serious. It is better to prepare in advance for the interview. Think over the answers to all possible questions, think about what you would personally ask if you were recruited.

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