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What qualities should the head of the company have?

Today many companies in different spheres of businessface the problem of a shortage of leading cadres. One of the methods for solving such a problem is to grow management cadres within your company. But the question arises: "What qualities should a leader have in order to successfully lead his team to the goals set?". How to distinguish a prospective manager from a simple mechanical executor of work processes?

what qualities should the manager have?

You can paraphrase the famous phrase and say: "Successful leaders of companies are not born, they become". The process of growing cadres for management takes about 7 years. This is influenced by several factors:

- accumulation of the leader's experience;

- the ability to generate new ideas;

- the ability to quickly rebuild the style of work;

- considerable knowledge in technological and technical processes;

- psychological stability.

But the question is not so much in what qualitiesshould have the head, but whether he will be able to provide a quality solution to the challenges facing his company. A competent manager must organize his team for their successful implementation.

what are the qualities of an entrepreneur

Some successful businessmen from various fields of activity in response to the question "what qualities should a leader have?" noted several important fundamental traits:

- ability to manage a team;

- Ability to lead;

- Communication skills;

- the ability to inspire subordinates to reach new heights in work;

ability to distribute authority.

In response to the question "what qualities should an entrepreneur possess?" businessmen noted the following personal qualities:

what qualities should a good leader have?

- self-discipline;

- the ability to take on the responsibility;

- the ability to analyze;

- the ability to rationally distribute personal time;

- flexibility of mind and views;

- the ability to know and understand people;

- the availability of knowledge and skills of their production.

The psychological aspect of management becomesthe main thing in the question "what qualities should a leader have?". It is even more important for a successful manager than for a production manager. A competent leader should be an excellent psychologist, understand people, have the ability to reciprocate with them. It is necessary to effectively use the knowledge, skills and experience of other people, organize a qualified team of subordinates, create a coherent working mechanism.

Ability to educate subordinates, resolve andto prevent conflicts arising in the working environment become the main priority of a successful commander. The main task here is to create among our subordinates a healthy environment conducive to achieving labor success. If the team is not very friendly, it can help undermine the authority of the manager, destroy all his efforts and even affect the work of the whole team.

The best results are achieved not by those who havesmart and bright head, but one who is able to effectively coordinate the work of his subordinates. The better the manager knows his subordinates, their abilities and abilities, appreciates their talents, the better he can identify the ballast of the team and quickly and painlessly get rid of it. The leader of the team must be available to any subordinate.

But what qualities should a goodleader, to be able to organize yourself and others? It is resourcefulness, the ability to encourage their subordinates to creativity, the ability to overcome difficulties and obstacles, risk, experiment. It is very important to be able to influence not only the members of your team, but also those who are not directly subordinates in order to have support and help in solving various production tasks.

Those who are able to manage their subordinates - the head of 50%. For 100% - the manager who can manipulate and his boss.

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