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Highly paid professions

Today, many school leavers are increasinglythink about the question of where to go to study. Highly paid professions attract modern youth with their prestige and the opportunity to gain high social status. One popular Russian magazine published a list of the most popular and expensive professions. What exactly is included in this list?

Highly paid professions, the Russian list:

In the first place is the director (manager)investment bank. On average, such a citizen of Russia earns three million dollars a year, not including income tax. Such bankers share an honorable place with oil workers, who have about two and a half million "green".

Highly paid professions in Russia arechairmen of the board of commercial banks. Calmly and measuredly they earn about two million "bucks", especially it concerns representatives of the banking system of MDM and VTB.

Further on the list are: the director of the department (analytical) of any investment bank, the CEO of various heavy industry companies, as well as the head of any subdivision of an investment bank or an oil company. These comrades have a year from a million dollars or more.

Other highly paid professions with excellent salaries are all top-ranking executives: marketers, lawyers, accountants, insurers or managers from the field of construction and advertising.

Among the fair sex ofWise lawyers, strict chief accountants and affable workers of the banking and insurance services are leading in the country. Actresses, singers and TV presenters are also included in this cherished list.

And what are the most popular for today?and highly paid jobs in America? On the first place there are surgeons earning 165,720 - 225,390 dollars a year. Anesthesiologists are slightly inferior to surgeons, and receive about one hundred and seventy-five thousand a year. Third place is occupied by dentists, followed by civil aviation pilots (in Russia - insurers), the fifth place was taken by clever specialists in natural sciences, at the sixth - by oil engineers (oil refining industry), in Russia they are equated with workers in the construction industry. After the oil industry in the US, engineers are architects. Eighth place was honored by specialists in information and computer systems, having an income of approximately one hundred and twenty-three thousand "green" per year. Other highly paid professions in the US are marketing specialists and finance managers. In our country, along with them goes administrative staff, managers of various levels.

As can be seen from the list, in America the highestincome are representatives of medicine, occupying the first three of the highest paid professions. Of course, there is a completely different mentality and values, and therefore beauty, aesthetic appearance and healthy teeth - come first.

Highly paid professions of the near future

According to statistics, in the world of years so in tenleading representatives of medicine (therapists, ophthalmologists, dentists, veterinarians, ultrasound specialists, etc.). Marketers will not give up their positions and will also stay afloat.

But it's more about the countries of distant and nearabroad, but how will the issue in our native Russia? Experts in the field of innovation, scientists who study the human brain, and IT experts will lead the leading three of the most expensive professions. They will be representatives of various intellectual specialties, which assume a great creative component of man, as well as the speed of response in the era of momentary changes and innovations.

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